Experts: the possibility of gun fire in the South China Sea is increasing, and Britain and Australia are iron accomplices

 Experts: the possibility of gun fire in the South China Sea is increasing, and Britain and Australia are iron accomplices

On July 17, the US Navys Reagan and Nimitz aircraft carriers started the second double carrier exercise in the South China Sea. This is the second time that the United States has carried out the dual carrier exercise in the South China Sea in a month. On July 4, the two carriers held a dual carrier exercise in the South China Sea. U.S. Defense Secretary esper called the operation the first since 2012, this exercise conveys a clear and powerful signal that the United States will fly, navigate and operate anywhere permitted by international law.

US Navys Nimitz and Reagan aircraft carrier battle groups carry out dual carrier exercises in the South China Sea

Esper made the above remarks at a video conference hosted by the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London on the 21st. He also proved that the number of freedom of navigation operations carried out by the US military in the South China Sea in 2019 was the largest in history. He stressed that the United States will continue to safeguard the freedom of navigation in the Indian Pacific region, especially in the South China Sea.

In addition, the frequency of US military approach reconnaissance to China in the South China Sea has increased significantly. According to public reports, on the 22nd, a US military aircraft appeared in the South China Sea to the south of Taiwan Island, and the previous 13, 15, 17, 21 US military aircraft successively entered the sky over the South China Sea.

Esper defines this series of actions as We support our policies with action.. In his speech, esper spent nearly half of his time discussing the security threat posed by China to the Indo Pacific region. Esper claimed that the aggressive actions of the Chinese peoples Liberation Army in the East China Sea and the South China Sea include sinking Vietnamese fishing boats, harassing Malaysias oil and gas development, escorting Chinese fishing boats into the exclusive economic zone claimed by Indonesia, and militarizing the occupied islands and reefs, which directly violates China Commitments under international law.

According to media reports, pompeio, who visited the United Kingdom and Denmark and returned to the United States, plans to make an important speech on China in California on the 23rd local time. Song Zhongping, a military expert, told the global times on the 23rd that pompeio was expected to announce further containment actions against China in his speech.

In an interview with CCTV, military expert Du Wenlong said that the basic intention of the United States at present is to create contradictions, enlarge contradictions, and make use of them to set off waves in the South China Sea, so as to find a gap that can be taken advantage of.

Song Zhongping said that the new deal issued by the United States and its military operations in the South China Sea have once again strengthened the trend of suppressing China, which is a move to regard China as the number one competitor. The U.S. has now reached a point where it can not contain China more than it can, and it has used all kinds of means. Compared with the previous period of the South China Sea arbitration case, song Zhongping believes that the situation in the South China Sea is more tense at the moment. At that time, the United States regarded the South China Sea arbitration as a so-called legal principle , which was a cover for us to draw on other allies to build a global alliance. But at the moment, the United States claims that it firmly adheres to the rule of free navigation and believes that Chinas over exploitation of the sea hinders its core interests. Combined with the factors of the US election, all kinds of joint forces are intertwined, making the situation in the South China Sea even more serious.

For the same purpose, the United States frequently held joint military exercises with other countries in the Indian Pacific region to strengthen its containment of China. After the South China Sea exercise, the aircraft carrier Nimitz held a joint exercise with the Indian Navy in the Indian Ocean. Esper said the move shows our common will to strengthen naval cooperation in support of a free and open India and Thailand.

The Reagan aircraft carrier of the twin carrier formation still stayed in the South China Sea and participated in a five-day joint training between the United States, Japan and Australia. This is the first tripartite joint training since the outbreak of new coronavirus in the Western Pacific and South China Sea, which is obviously targeted at China.

It is worth noting that the Indian Navy has not issued any official statement on the US India joint exercise. According to Japans Sankei news report, Yamamura, chief of staff of Japans maritime self defense force, said the significance of the joint performance was to publicize the close relationship between Japan, the United States and Australia, but he reiterated that the joint training activities did not form a linkage with the freedom of navigation carried out by the US military to contain China in the South China Sea and other waters.

Different from the low-key statements of India and Japan, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) 22 Daily reported that the Australian Defense Force joint task force composed of five warships met the Chinese Navy through the disputed waters of the South China Sea when going to the sea area for the exercise. The Australian Defense Department has proved that there was a fault near Spratly Islands, but no specific location was revealed.

These messages mean that the United States is trying to build a global alliance to contain China. Song Zhongping believes that Japan, Australia and Britain will inevitably become the important accomplices of the United States in containing China. Japan still has some concerns, but Britain and Australia are bound to become strong supporters of the United States because of the Hong Kong issue and other factors. Therefore, Australia and Britain will strengthen their military presence in the South China Sea and work with the United States to contain China.

As for the continuous approach reconnaissance of US warships and aircraft, the PLA will certainly take corresponding measures to deal with it, and the possibility of both sides gun brushing and firing increases. However, song Zhongping believes that before the US general election, the United States only wants to make every effort to provoke, but it does not want to create a real military conflict, because this is not conducive to the US election. At the same time, the PLA will keep a rational response.

In addition, the United States, India and Japan will hold the annual Malabar - 2020 exercise in the bay of Bengal. The exercise started in 1992 and was originally a bilateral exercise conducted by the United States and India. Japan joined in 2007, and then became a three nation exercise, alternately held in the Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific Ocean. According to the report, Indias Ministry of defense is considering including Australia in military exercises this year. In 2017, Australia applied for the status of observer for the Malabar exercise. The Hindu newspaper reported that Japan and the United States have been interested in this and are pushing India to consider this possibility. If Australia participates in the military exercise, it means that the militarization trend of the alliance of four is strengthening.

In response, Qian Feng, director of the research department of the National Institute of strategic studies at Tsinghua University, told the global times on the 23rd that even if Australia joined the exercise this year, it does not mean that Australia will become a full member of Malabar. What needs to be further observed is whether Australia will become a full member. If Australia becomes a full member, it will be of symbolic significance. The adverse factors for China are apparent. The US India Pacific strategy is obviously aimed at and containing China. Once the United States has won over India, Japan and Australia to form a four sided mechanism and develop towards an alliance, it is obvious that this cooperation mechanism with security as the axis is intended to target China, including the adverse impact on China in the Indian Ocean, the joint maritime cruise expected by the United States, and the containment of China in the South China Sea

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