Looking forward: Liaoning wants to win Shanxi 8 times, Sun Yue leads Beijing Derby

 Looking forward: Liaoning wants to win Shanxi 8 times, Sun Yue leads Beijing Derby

Both the Bayi team and the Shenzhen team are out of the playoffs. Shen Zijie, who was injured in the last game, may continue to recuperate. Both sides will focus on training in this match.

12: Liaoning vs Shanxi, Laoshan, Qingdao

Liaoning and Shanxi just had a fight on July 22, after Guo Allen and he Tianju, who had been suspended from the war, returned. Under the joint attack of Mayo, Han Dejun and he Tianju, Liaoning once led by 13 points. But at the end of the attack, Shanxi team was more than 2 points. At the last moment, Mayo made two mistakes, but Shanxi teams key offensive mistakes. Finally, Liaoning team 108-105 narrowly defeated Shanxi team and won 7 consecutive victories.

From the recent confrontation between the two sides, Shanxi interior defense is weak, Han Dejun and Mayo attack so the limelight. Shanxis offensive strength is concentrated in Ren Junwei, Tian Guisen, Xing Zhiqiang and others in their front and guard lines; when they meet Liaoning team again in this battle, Zhao Jiwei and Guo Allen need to continue to drive the whole teams attack, suppress each other with more attack firepower, and strive for eight consecutive victories.

15: 30, Shanghai vs Fujian, Qingdao Red Island

In Shanghais last match against Shenzhen, Gu Quan and Li muhao were suspended, and Shen Zijie was injured during the match. Led by mccullams 31 points and 8 rebounds, Shanghai team beat Shenzhen 107-93; Fujians last game against Beijing, Wang Zhelin and Lawsons two core suspended, Chen linjian was injured in the game, and Fujians strategically adjusted team was defeated by Beijing 87-115.

After locking the top 12, Fujian team is now in a position where there is no pursuit and it is difficult to surpass forward. In the face of the average strength of the Shanghai team, they may also hide some of the main players for the upcoming playoffs.

16: Shandong vs Zhejiang, Laoshan, Qingdao

In Shandongs last match against Jiangsu, Wu guanxi, the main internal line of the other side, was absent. Although blackney scored 31 points for foreign aid, Tao Hanlin smashed Jiangsus internal line, Shandong team won Jiangsu team by 90-85; Zhejiangs last match against Qingdao showed a one-sided trend, and Zhejiang team finally beat Qingdao by 102-85.

Wang Ruheng recovered and played 29 minutes in the last game. Shandong team had more choices in the backcourt. However, in front of Wu Qian, Cheng Shuai Peng led Zhejiang guards, Shandong team is very difficult to take advantage of, more rely on Tao Hanlin in the inside line advantage and the opponent.

19: 35, Beijing vs Beikong, Qingdao Hongdao

In Beijings last game against Fujian, Wang Zhelin and Lawson, the two core players of the other side, suspended, and Beijing team won easily with 115-87; in the last match of Beikong and Tongxi, a total of 4 foreign aid from both sides went to fight together, and ferge scored 38 points and Joseph Yang slashed 53 points, which staged a immortal fight. Finally, with the goal of 0.7 seconds, Beiguan team won 110-108 with Tongxi team.

Beijing team has won 2-1 in the first three matches of Beijing derby this season. Due to the particularity of Beijing Derby, the two sides will probably lead the main players to do their best to fight for the victory. The poster before the competition also showed the words Beijing Derby - Gold focus war. Lin Shuhao, Zhai Xiaochuan and Fang Shuo from Beijing, Sun Yue, Fu Ge and Wang Shaojie of Beijing control all appeared on the poster, and they will become important figures influencing the war situation.

20: Sichuan vs Qingdao, Laoshan, Qingdao

In Sichuans last match against August 1, Li Yuanyu scored 34 points and 17 rebounds, and Yuan Tangwen sent out 13 assists. Sichuan team won 101-84 against Bayi team, ending nine consecutive losses. In Qingdaos last game against Zhejiang, there was a gap in strength between the two sides. Zhai Yi and Zhao Tailong were injured one after another, and Qingdao lost 85-102 to Zhejiang.

Sichuan team missed the playoffs early, while Qingdao team ranked 11th with 23-21. There is still a chance to continue to improve the position and strive for a favorable situation in the playoffs. Therefore, Qingdao team has a stronger desire to win this competition and is expected to win.