Forward looking: Guangdong leads 6 teams to fight against Jiang Yuxing

 Forward looking: Guangdong leads 6 teams to fight against Jiang Yuxing

At present, Guangxia ranks fifth and Jilin ranks eighth. Guangxia team is ahead of the 7th place in Beijing control with only one winning game, so it needs to continue to win, consolidate its current ranking, and strive to impact the top four again; Jilin team also has to prevent being overtaken by Shandong, Shanxi, Qingdao and other teams which are one game behind. The front and guard lines of both sides are equally strong. The combination of Jiang Yuxing and Cui Jinming will compete with sun Minghui and Zhao Yanhao.

19: 35, Xinjiang vs Guangzhou, Qingdao Hongdao competition area

Xinjiang team and Fujian team in the last game, Zhou Qi and Wang Zhelin in the internal line of each other, the two teams full field score clenched. At the end of the key period, Chen linjian scored points continuously, Wang Zhelin put in the winning three-point ball, Xinjiang team lost 101-106 to Fujian team; Guangzhou team played Jilin team last game, foreign aid hunt returned to perform well, contributed 35 points and 12 rebounds, helped the team to bite the score in the first three quarters. In the end, Jiang Yuxing of the other side had a strong attack, and the Guangzhou team was defeated by a regret of 95-98.

Zeng lingxu, who was injured in the competition in Shandong Province on July 17, decided to rest for 8-12 weeks after expert consultation, which means that Zeng lingxu has already been reimbursed for the season. At present, Xinjiang team can only rely on xirelijiang and foreign aid grufo to connect the whole teams attack, and the teams organizational attack will face a test.

Guangdong team did not send WEIMS last game, with the whole Chinese class against Zhejiang team. At the disadvantage of eight points behind in three quarters, Guangdong completed the reversal in the last quarter, beating Zhejiang with 107-98 and winning 27 consecutive victories, setting a new record for the longest winning streak in a single season; in the last game of Tongxi team, four foreign aid players from both sides came on the field to attack, and Fogg and Joseph Yang were gods and immortals fighting. Joseph Yang alone scored 53 points, and ferge had 38 points. However, the gap between the domestic players of the two sides was obvious, and Tongxi team suffered a reversal in the last quarter, losing 108-110.

This battle Guangdong against Tongxi, although the other side has double foreign aid, but the strength of Guangdong is still obviously superior. Since the second round of individual attack strong Joseph - Yang, in front of the defense line in Guangdong, how many points can be cut down deserves attention. In addition, the ball is likely to be Yi Jianlian and hadadis last match in the CBA arena.