Huang Shengyis review of sister Lang reverses the success of big emotionist

 Huang Shengyis review of sister Lang reverses the success of big emotionist

With the broadcast of the program, Huang Shengyi, who originally had the most slot points, has become more and more pink: she shows a calm side in dealing with problems, and actively comforts and encourages other teammates when the whole group is in a low mood, and tries to reconcile the different ideas of her teammates, which greatly eliminates the prejudice of the audience against her and finds her lovely side.

In the program, Huang Shengyi is the embodiment of sober in the world. He says his view on public opinion is bad evaluation affects mood, good evaluation makes people expand, keep themselves and be themselves, showing his mature and open-minded personality. Make complaints about the adorable singing and dancing, and let many netizens who have been tucking away from Huang Shengyi turn black to powder. More netizens said, the more I see her, the more I think she stays cute.

Expression bag big family successfully out of the circle, Huang Shengyi generous response: everyone happy!

Since its broadcast, sister Huang Shengyi has given many wonderful performances to the audience. Huang Shengyi also relies on his hard training and excellent singing and dancing ability to become the focus of the stage and the conversation with fans. However, it is unexpected that the yiyizi expression bag made by netizens is the one that really hits the hot search. The dull and cute expression often takes half a beat and the straightforward and careless personality make it a big fan of expression package after each program broadcast. Although many netizens have not seen the program, they still have a preference for Huang Shengyis expression pack. In the interview, Huang Shengyi said, I dont mind at all, just be happy! Generous response to their walking expression package of the new set.

Huang Shengyi successfully reversed the reputation of netizens by virtue of his forthright but gentle personality, good mentality and strong business ability. And she will continue to ride the storm in the program in line with the life creed of be yourself. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Yin Lili_ NK3689