Sell 300 sheep and set up farmer skiing team: a shepherd familys Winter Olympic dream

 Sell 300 sheep and set up farmer skiing team: a shepherd familys Winter Olympic dream

In Yanqing, Langen pigeon is a well-known star.

Today, with 33 players and 11 international skiing coach certificates, the team has become a model for amateur skiers in China.

We are all looking forward to being volunteers for the Winter Olympics to show the image of Chinas new countryside and farmers to the world. At the same time, we also hope that under our influence, more hometown people will fall in love with skiing and have a bowl of Rice called ice and snow.

Asked why the skiing team was set up, Lang said.


You like skiing. I like you

Because of the spontaneous formation of the first local farmer skiing team, and the voluntary skiing training, promotion and popularization of Winter Olympic knowledge, Lang en Ge was named Beijing model in 2018, and he and his wife Sun Ying won the most beautiful family in China in 2019.

Lang Enge is a native of Yanqing. Every winter, skiing enthusiasts from all over the world gather in Shijinglong ski resort, the largest in Beijing, located in Yanqing. This also makes him fall in love with skiing since childhood.

In the winter of 2008, Lang en Ge, 19, and Sun Ying, 18, met in the snow field. There is no need for any language on the snow field. He took the opportunity to play with some skills. She had noticed him since she was a child who liked skiing.

I think he is like snow treasure Orlov in ice and snow , naive, cheerful and handsome

Sun Ying had a very good first impression of Lang engou.

Love at first sight of two people, from then on often meet skiing together, two young hearts are also slowly approaching.

After graduating from junior high school, Lang Enge entered higher vocational education, majoring in cooking.

The reason why the girl loves cooking is that she likes cooking.

After graduation, he worked as a chef in a famous roast duck restaurant in Beijing.

Other young couples date a lot: shopping, watching movies, eating or traveling. Lang Enge and Sun Ying go to the ski resort every time they date.

Lang said that other young couples were noisy because of their different hobbies and interests and did not want to compromise. However, he and Sun Ying became more and more fond of skiing and their love became more and more firm.

In 2010, the two entered the wedding hall.

300 million people participate in ice and snow sports

Winter Olympics dream of a shepherd family

Shortly after marriage, Lang said to his wife.

Cooks stay in the kitchen every day, breathing fumes. The city is so chaotic and noisy that he doesnt like it as much as I do

After returning home, Langen pigeon helped his parents to take care of the 6 Mu corn field. His village is low-lying and waterlogged as soon as it rains. Farming is hard and the harvest is always poor.

Seeing that other people in the village raised sheep and drove a group of sheep to the mountains every day, Lang en Ge thought that was a very comfortable life, so he also wanted to be a shepherd.

In 2014, Langen pigeon spent nearly 20000 yuan to buy more than ten sheep and became a shepherd.

He is the youngest shepherd in the village. He can bear hardships and study hard than anyone else. He drives his sheep to the mountains early every morning to read books and check information. He learns from the old shepherd how to deliver, feed and inject sheep. Lang en Ge is determined to be a qualified shepherd.

At the beginning of 2016, more than 300 sheep were bred, and it would pay off as soon as they paid. At that time, the market price of a sheep was about 1500 yuan, and more than 300 yuan could only be sold for nearly 500000 yuan. Lang en Ge thought that all the hard work was worth it. Next, it was good to expand the scale and become a shepherd for a lifetime.

Over the years, he has also developed feelings with the sheep. When he closes his eyes and hears the cry, he can hear which sheep is calling.

But at this time, Lang en Ge suddenly decided to sell all the sheep and sell them.

The original 1000 yuan a sheep, regardless of size, each sold for 300 yuan. There is no doubt that this is a loss making business.

It turns out that Beijing and Zhangjiakou have won the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. With its unique geographical advantages, Zhangshanying Town, where Lang Enge is located, has become the host of alpine skiing, snowmobiling and sledding events.

If the Winter Olympics is to be held here, environmental improvement is imperative. Because raising sheep destroys the grassland and pollutes the river. If you make money, you have to sell it.

Under his influence, other shepherds in the village also sold sheep one after another.

After not being a shepherd, Lang en Ge became a local coordinator. Lang asked his wife why he didnt complain about his failure?

Sun Ying said: we can only get what we give up. The money we lost today will definitely come back in a richer way in the future.

In 2016, Langen pigeon, 27, became a father. This winter, it snowed heavily in Yanqing. He made a big snowman in his yard. His wife held his son in his arms. The little guy pushed forward and touched the snowmans face with his own face. He was so excited that he giggled.

An idea suddenly jumped into Lang en pigeons mind. Five years later, his hometown will hold the Winter Olympics. Since childhood, he has been fond of snow. Can he do something related to ice and snow?

In the spring of 2017, Lang en Ge went skiing with several friends. Several ski teams were training in the snow field. He thought that they were skiing very well.

When Beijing bid for the Winter Olympic Games, general secretary Xi Jinping issued a call for three hundred million people to participate in ice and snow sports, and Lang Enge suddenly got inspiration.


The captain of Haituo farmer skiing team is so handsome

Lets set up a skiing team to teach skiing skills to more people and let more people participate in skiing.

I think so!

What Lang en Ge didnt expect was that the temporary initiative of a group of skiing enthusiasts quickly received support from the government. The town government provided them with professional skiing equipment to provide convenience and support for their skiing team.

The first group of 18 team members, including civil servants, drivers, freelancers and farmers from all walks of life, all from all walks of life, but like Lang engge, they all like skiing and hope to contribute to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games through their own efforts.

If you have a dream, the whole world will make way for you. In December 2017, Yanqing District Sports Bureau called Lang Enge because they won the professional training opportunity for the skiing team to participate in the professional training of Swiss skiing League coaches. Lang en Ge was the first to tell Sun Ying the news.

Some players have a high fever and insist on training. His wife is about to give birth. His mother and mother-in-law let Lang en pigeon concentrate on training.

In the end, Lang en Ge passed the examination together with 10 other members of the team, and got the primary and first-class certificates of the Swiss skiing Federation. His dream of becoming a ski coach in his childhood came true. He was very happy and felt that the burden on his shoulders was heavier.

With the support of the local government, Lang Enge led the skiing team into the school. After working, he went to various volunteer teams in Yanqing District to popularize skiing knowledge and safety knowledge. In just three months, they had trained more than 5000 trainees.

Without a cent of income, they pay for cars and meals, but no one ever complains.

Li Wei said the captain was awesome, so they all worked together to build the Winter Olympic dream.

On January 6, 2018, Lang Enge led a ski team to train volunteers. When she went out that morning, Sun Ying showed signs of labor, but she still urged him to go to the ski resort.

It was the only time Langen dove was absent-minded. When the team members knew that his wife was going to have a baby, they just drove him out of the snow field. When he rushed to the hospital, his daughter was just born.

Yanqing winter is not over, Haituo mountain still has snow. Lang en Ge is very happy because her daughter likes snow as much as they do.

Her husband devoted herself to the skiing team. Sun Ying not only did not complain, but also applied to join the ski team after her daughters full moon.

You always say you dont have time to accompany me and my children. Now Ill send myself to the snow field to accompany you. Sun Ying said that she was often asked what she liked about Langen pigeon?

She always said that his skiing appearance is fascinating, handsome and unrestrained, which makes people feel that the world is as pure and beautiful as ice and snow.

Isnt it cold in the ice and snow?

For them, that kind of free galloping between the heaven and the earth, like the feeling of flying, can make that little cold, into infinite light and heat!


The ice and snow in your eyes,

Its their stars and their world

Both of them have their own jobs, but this does not affect their love of skiing. They will try their best to promote skiing to more people. They will show the enthusiasm, cool and ice snow love of ice town at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

Skiing is a hobby, a dream and a responsibility for us. It has become a part of life.

Lang said that influenced by him and his wife, his 4-year-old son and two-year-old daughter are particularly fond of snow.

Often at this time, Lang en Ge and Sun Ying feel very happy.

They dont ask their children to attend various interest classes, but skiing is something they must learn. Because walking on the ice and snow, galloping life is really super bright and energetic!

Yes, those who strive to live the life they most yearn for will enjoy it even though they are no longer tired, and they are more and more brave and fearless.