2020 Guangdong college entrance examination undergraduate score line announced!

 2020 Guangdong college entrance examination undergraduate score line announced!

Undergraduate colleges and universities (including non military inspection undergraduate colleges and universities with the lowest score line of this batch)

uff081uff09 Undergraduate and various disciplines

Science: 410 points in total.

Sports: the total score of culture is 315, and that of sports is 195.

Fine Arts: the total score of culture is 260, and that of art is 203.

Music: the total score of culture is 250, and that of music is 190.

Dance: the total score of culture is 210, and that of dance is 180.

Radio and television director: 403 points in culture and 205 points in radio and TV Editing and directing.

uff082uff09 High score priority line (including strong foundation plan, high level art troupe, special plan of colleges and universities, comprehensive evaluation)

Liberal arts: 536 in total.

Science: the total score is 524.

2020 Guangdong college entrance examination scoring method announced

Three ways to query

A few days ago, the Provincial Education Examination Institute issued a specific way to check scores. According to the provincial education examination institute, the Guangdong Provincial Education Examination Institute is responsible for the statistics, synthesis and publication of candidates examination results.

From the date of the announcement of the college entrance examination, candidates can pass the WeChat public official account, the official website of Guangdong education examination institution, and the Guangdong education examination service network. During the admission period, candidates can check the admission progress and their admission results through the WeChat official account of Guangdong education examination institution and related websites.

The provincial education examination institute reminds candidates that if they have questions about the examination results, they can apply for the examination paper review. The scope of the review is whether the scanning is accurate, whether the answers are missed or wrong, and whether the score statistics are wrong. It does not involve the leniency and strictness of marking.

Source: Yangcheng Evening News, Yangcheng school