Disgusting! Consumer: weve been eating it for three days!

 Disgusting! Consumer: weve been eating it for three days!

Eating bats in the soup made Mr. Chens family uneasy. Mr. Chen immediately found the owner of the soup restaurant downstairs, but the boss said that he was just a distributor. These frozen soups were purchased from Wangji soup food manufacturer in Xinzhou and sold in the store. The boss is willing to bear the physical examination fee of Mr. Chens family, but the quality of the goods has nothing to do with it.

Mr. Chens family think that it is no longer a matter of money to eat bats in the soup. They have done nucleic acid testing, but the results have not come out. However, the manufacturers have not contacted them actively since they have been engaged in the production.

According to the address on the pot of frozen soup, the reporter came to Wangji street, Xinzhou District, Wuhan City, and found the shop where the frozen soup food was produced. The boss was also surprised by the appearance of bats.

The boss infers that it may be Mr. Chens home after eating, put it outside, and the bat flew in by himself. To this, Mr. Chens mother retorted: every time you eat, pack it in a bag, seal it and put it in the refrigerator. Its impossible for bats to fly into the refrigerator by themselves.

The boss of the soup manufacturer explained that the soup usually takes three or four hours to boil. If it was flown into the store, it should have been rotten.

Director Qiu of Wangji market supervision and management office in Xinzhou District introduced that after receiving the complaint, they immediately inspected the hygiene and production links of the shop, and found that there were basically no problems. The defects in range hood would urge the store owners to improve. Because of the long time span, it is not easy to determine the source of bats.

After that, Mr. Chen got the new coronavirus nucleic acid test report of three people in his family, and the results were all negative. Under the mediation of the market supervision and Management Institute and the reporter, the boss said that no matter who is responsible, since bats appear in the soup, they are willing to bear the expenses of medical examination and spiritual compensation of Mr. Chens family, totaling 2000 yuan.

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Reporter: Dong Liao, Zhao Haoyue