This is the cruel youth of all the small town youth in China

 This is the cruel youth of all the small town youth in China

Just taking advantage of this opportunity, I went to see a documentary that was a little old and relived the year when I stepped from youth to adulthood -- senior three.

After two hours of watching, I have two feelings: one is that the documentary and the follow-up reports are very similar to the Chinese version of seven years of life, although its time span is not so long and there are not so many samples; the other is that if life is like the college entrance examination, it is easy to answer one examination paper.

Wuping No.1 middle school, the most common county middle school in China

The story of senior three takes place in Wuping No.1 middle school, the most common county middle school in China. It is located in Wuping County, Longyan City, Fujian Province.

The data is the most intuitive. The story of senior three happened in 2004. The average wage of on-the-job urban workers in Wuping County was 13305 yuan, compared with 16024 yuan in that year. Xiamen, the most famous city in Fujian Province, has no way to compare it. Xiamen is 20539 yuan.

At the beginning of this documentary, in the face of parents mobilization meeting for senior three, Wang Jinchun, the head teacher, said very truthfully:

If you say the railway, the railway does not pass through us;

There are no expressways so far;

There are no resources. You know what you can do in Wuping.

The children here have the opportunity to take the university entrance examination, which is also the only way for them to leave the mountain area.

Therefore, this documentary is quite different from other documentaries of the same subject matter - completely micro and completely insiders expression.

Moreover, because director Zhou Hao had already gained the trust of the teachers and students in this class before filming. So, its natural for everyone to be in front of the camera, as if the camera didnt exist at all.

As long as you have experienced senior three, you will be familiar with the people and things on the camera side, even though it has been 15 years.

Responsible and a bit slovenly head teacher:

When I saw this documentary for the first time, what impressed me most was that he was later reported by his peers

Reading wont kill you. I want you to spend half your life this year.

At that time, I was not in high school, which left a heavy shadow on me.

Although it was 15 years ago, there were still many people in one class. In the noisy classroom of Wuping No.1 high school, the books and papers on the desk are full of books.

Because there are too many people, the classroom aisle is so narrow that it has to be crossed sideways.

In senior threes life, everyone is like a wringing spring that has been twisted. We need to keep the state of mind full all the time.

Self study in the morning is the most noisy time in the classroom. See these students mouth constantly turn, hand is still constantly comparing endorsement, think of themselves. Its just that no one filmed it at that time. Now, in retrospect, the most magical thing in this matter, such a noisy environment, no one felt unable to recite it.

In class, the teachers and students questions and answers are also very interesting now. In fact, 17-8-year-old students dont really understand what they are learning and dont think much about it. After all, exams are the main thing.

In 2004, it was the golden age of paper media. The newspapers and magazines in these shops should be the most important window for young people in small towns to know the outside world, except for schools and TV.

The director should have taken a newspaper with time node meaning on purpose. After all, it seems that no matter how shocking a big event is, for those who are busy making a living, it is just a front page headline.

Top students, poor students and medium students

Like all classes, there are good students, poor students and middle-class students.

Lin Jiayan, a good student, has always suspected that she is not working hard enough and worried about the result of the college entrance examination, even though she is one of the top students

On April 8, there are 58 days to go before the college entrance examination. The closer I am to the college entrance examination, I am afraid of failing the exam. I am afraid of being laughed at by others, scolded by my parents, and afraid of failure. Jiayan, why should I be afraid? Whats to be afraid of? Clench your teeth, close your eyes and jump vertically. Even if you fall down, you should immediately get up and rush forward.

After all, people are not machines. They cant keep the spring full all the time. If you screw too much, you may collapse. Zhang Xingwang is a broken wind up.

Because he couldnt achieve his ideal result, he cried in front of the head teacher after drinking. Mr. Wang wants to enlighten Qi Qin with the lyrics of I am a wolf from the north in Qi Qins poem: if I am in your family, I will bite my cold teeth and scream twice.

Mr. Wang is qualified to say this. He was admitted to Fujian Normal University in 1989 and was assigned to No. 1 Middle School of Wuping after graduation in 1992. It can be seen that he is really responsible, but maybe not everyone has the strong will to no matter what happens, I want to pass the exam.

On the eve of the college entrance examination, Zhang Xingwang left a letter and left.

Zhong Shengming is the most eye-catching student in this class. He did well in the entrance examination. He wanted to play games in the Internet bar all day in senior three. Skipping classes, disobeying management and contradicting teachers, he said in front of the camera that he had made thousands of yuan by playing games. It can be seen that his mind is very active.

Like all parents in the world who want their children to be successful, parents are willing to give everything for their childrens future

Senior three is really depressed, however, no matter how depressed the environment can not stop the young men and women in love.

There are still people in the class who fall in love secretly and are caught by the teacher. Although the teacher just said with a smile: if the two love for a long time, it is not in the morning and evening.

I dont know how many senior three classes still have Twilight love, but when I was in senior three, there were people in the class really together, and they are still together until now.

In addition to the endless questions and books that can never be finished, it is unforgettable to have a sneak look at your sweetheart between classes.

What happened

Yes, you are right. There are some people who have not successfully promoted to high school after graduation from junior high school.

Statistics tell us that in 2004, there were 7388 senior high school students and 26444 junior high school students in Wuping County. Statistics dont tell us where nearly 20000 other students have gone.

However, it can be imagined that if they did not have a mine at home to study abroad or go to a better place to study in high school, they would have a hard time in the future.

Genius is always the exception, 37% of enterprises will definitely require university degree in recruitment. Without a college degree means that many jobs dont even have an interview.

The income gap is also intuitive. In 2003, the income of undergraduates was 1.15 times higher than that of senior high school graduates. In 2006, the gap widened to 1.65 times, and in 2010 it reached 1.98 times.

Data is cold, people are alive. Ten years after the shooting of senior three, in another documentary about college entrance examination, the director group recorded a girl who went to Shanghai with her parents in junior high school. After graduating from secondary school, she found a job in Shanghai and ran into difficulties everywhere.

Tell me about some people in this class later. Lin Jiayan, the best student in her class, was admitted to the major of Chinese as a foreign language in the Central University for Nationalities in the college entrance examination. There are also three students from Xiamen University and 18 students who have dropped out of the list.

Lin Xingwang, who left before the college entrance examination, returned to Wuping and became the technical director of a factory and the father of three children.

Zhong Shengming did not go to university until one year later. Later, he had his own career in a branch of a logistics company. He was as lively as he was said in the barrage of bullets.

Because this documentary is known to all, Mr. Wang Jinchun, this documentary has indeed brought him a reputation, but he himself mocks himself as a reputation that is not on the table.. Some colleagues reported him with documentary, saying that he advocated examination oriented education.

Mr. Wang knows his limitations. At the beginning of the documentary, he said:

Some experts and scholars come to see this documentary, and they may see some things in it that they should not have. But if its people in this system, they will understand us.

No matter how many criticisms there are in exam oriented education, when it comes to the filter of college entrance examination, parents have the same idea: choose the safest way to let their children pass the test safely.

More than ten years later, Mr. Wang was still a teacher in Wuping No. 1 middle school. He had the opportunity to go to a place with higher salary, so he gave up. In addition to ability, education and opportunity, the most decisive factor in life is character.

Twelve years later, the reporter went to visit him and asked him what he thought of spell dad. He replied, most of my students have no father to spell.

Lin Jiayan, who wanted to be admitted to Peking University in high school, became a member of the army of Beipiao after graduating from university. The house price in Beijing made her and her husband choose to buy a house in Longyan, their hometown.

Such an ending makes people feel sad, just like when I was a child, I said that I wanted to be a mathematician in the future. As a result, it was very difficult to pass physics in high school.

However, she has gone from Wuping to Beijing.

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