Zaharvey: even if its empty, Ill keep the shoot gesture to celebrate

 Zaharvey: even if its empty, Ill keep the shoot gesture to celebrate

Reina Dinho returned to Fuli this season in good condition, not only in a number of warm-up games for his teammates to offer assists, he also scored a number of goals. Although Fuli has only three foreign players available at Fuli, ray is confident this season - he has been in fantastic shape recently and is more mature than in previous years. He is also looking forward to a big break at Fuli this year.

During the whole preparation period, Xiaolei has been training with Fuli, which not only strengthens the running in with the whole team, but also has a chemical reaction with Zahavi, the first killer in the front line. Therefore, he is also full of expectations for scoring goals in the first round of the new season, even if it is an empty game, we should celebrate after scoring. We should not only celebrate with our teammates, but also encourage each other to play a good game

Zahavi is the soul of Fuli, not only deep foot, all super teams in the face of Fuli should focus on him. From the point of view of the continuous goals in the preparation period, zaiko is in good condition, and after a series of warm-up matches, he has a certain understanding of deep foot defense. Zahavi said: I am in a very good condition, not only me, but also everyone cant wait to start the league match, so we play every warm-up game as a regular match, also played the best state, hoping to continue this good momentum into the league, let us get a good start.

In half a years running in, Fuli team has carried out a variety of equipment in the forward line. From the recent warm-up match, it has basically fixed the combination of zaharvey, Xiaolei and Jinbo, in addition to Chang Feiya and ye chugui. After Xiao Zhi left the team, Zahavi was fixed in the center position, which also let him closer to the other sides goal. As for the running in of the offensive end in the past six months, Zahavi said: in the past six months, we have made full preparations in terms of attack and defense. We all work hard in each class and try to integrate into the new coachs playing method. Maybe the first two seasons will play a very beautiful game, but the result is not very ideal, this season I believe you will see different Fuli, hope to play better games, get more points. Thank you very much for the efforts of the new coach team in the past six months, designed a lot of training, let us constantly improve the strength

In the face of the first game of the new season with Shenzhen jiazhaoye, zaharvey said that he was very familiar with this opponent, such as Gao Lin and Wang Yongpo. Jiang Zhipeng, the left back of deep foot, was his former teammate, so there was no sense of strangeness about deep foot. I want to score goals, and also want to score more goals. Winning the League Golden boot has always been my goal, but my goal Its not just a personal goal, its also about doing what I can to help the team get better results

For the upcoming open game, zaharvey said it was a special experience. It must be bad not to have fans. One of the charms of football is that there are so many lovely fans to create a warm atmosphere for the team Zahavi said, there is no way, this is a special period, our players also understand that we hope to see lovely fans come into play as soon as possible, and we can hear their cheering voice during the game. But, even if its empty, Ill keep the shooting celebration, and I hope there will be many opportunities to do this gesture this season

Reporter Wang Wei reports

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