Let music vibrate in the palm of your hand! Rescuer E-sports mobile phone Pro actually achieved 3499 yuan from sale

 Let music vibrate in the palm of your hand! Rescuer E-sports mobile phone Pro actually achieved 3499 yuan from sale

The two X-axis linear motors are located at the top and bottom of the phone (the left and right sides of the horizontal grip). The common text input, call prompt and other scenarios can provide more realistic vibration feedback. Whats more, it can simulate 140 kinds of vibration effects and more than 60 kinds of sound effects, which can achieve the vibration feedback of most game scenes. This is a scene that most mobile phone X-axis linear motors cannot achieve.

Take FPS shooting game, which is popular nowadays, as an example. The double X-axis linear motor of pro, the rescuers E-sports mobile phone, can not only simulate the vibration feeling of pulling the trigger and vehicle collision in the game, but also prompt through the linear motors on the left and right sides in the horizontal holding state according to the shooting and explosion directions of the game, and the left gun sounds, and the left vibration is the same with the right side. Even if you havent learned how to tell where your enemy is by map and sound, the rescuer eSports Pro gives you a simpler way.

Combined with the ultrasonic game shoulder key of the rescuer E-sports mobile phone pro, the mobile phone can be like a professional game handle, which can bring users the tactile experience of both hands vibrating at the same time. Playing the game has a stronger sense of presence. Pulling the trigger in the game is like playing a real CS.

The rescuers E-sports mobile phone Pro also strongly combined with QQ music. Through the u-engine dual X-axis motor, it adapts to the music scene, and intelligently samples and detects the music playing. It is the first time to get through Androids unique audio vibration feedback technology, so that the notes can not only ring in the mind, but also dance with the music vibration in the palm.

At first, X-axis linear motor was designed to provide users with vibration feedback comparable to that of physical buttons. Later, it was found that the touch provided by linear motor was also a new way of interaction, which was a comfortable experience of using mobile phones countless times a day. Domestic mobile phone manufacturers began to follow up a lot after 2018. The most common application scenario of x-axis linear motors in most mobile phones is input method, but there is still perceptible vibration delay in fast input, so the experience is not very good.

Good hardware is inseparable from the development of the system. Mobile phone manufacturers should not only pay attention to the function adaptation, but also develop the function according to more scenarios, so as to broaden the experience of x-axis linear motor into more application scenarios. Savior E-sports mobile phone Pro is obviously familiar with this way, through more concrete application and multi scene coverage, it can give users refreshing experience upgrade.

The price of the 8 + 128GB version of the rescuer E-sports mobile phone Pro is 3499 yuan, the price of the 12 + 128GB version is 3899 yuan, the price of the 12 + 256gb version is 4199 yuan, and the price of the 16 + 512gb version is 5999 yuan. Interested users may go to Lenovos official mall, Jingdong Mall and Lenovo laiku offline stores to learn about it.