Aurora: in 2020, the average monthly salary of famous enterprises is 7523 yuan, and that of small and micro enterprises is 7314 yuan

 Aurora: in 2020, the average monthly salary of famous enterprises is 7523 yuan, and that of small and micro enterprises is 7314 yuan

2. Compared with ordinary enterprises, famous enterprises have strong recruitment demand, strong anti risk ability and relatively stable average salary, which attract a large number of job seekers; at the same time, the development of science and technology has spawned a large number of new jobs, and emerging industries such as medicine and the United States, blockchain, 3D printing and other emerging industries can bring high salary opportunities

3. With the continuous development of famous enterprises and the rapid change of their mode, the employment demand of famous enterprises is also changing rapidly. Cross border recruitment has become a significant feature of talent recruitment in famous enterprises

Macro Overview - policies to support the development of enterprises and stabilize the employment market

In order to further release the driving force of market development, governments at all levels have issued relevant supporting policies to create a good business environment for enterprises. The new Ministry of education has been recognized as the new occupation official account. The Ministry of education has announced that it will set up online shops as self employment. Internet marketing workers, public figures bloggers, E-sports workers and freelance writers are all freelance. All two are part of the form of employment.

Employment situation: the scale of employment has expanded and the employees have transferred to the tertiary industry

Employment pressure: there are many high-quality labor force and fierce competition in the job market

With the increase of the number of famous enterprises and the synchronous increase of high-quality labor force, the job market is getting hot

Affected by the expansion of university enrollment, the number of job seekers increases significantly every year, and the employment of high-quality labor force will face a larger number of competitive groups, especially in key regions (such as South China, East China, etc.) and key cities (North, Shanghai and Shenzhen). In addition, affected by the epidemic situation, the recruitment of enterprises in spring is delayed and the recruitment demand is declining, and the competition in summer recruitment market is likely to be more intense.

Super season - focus on the pain point of recruitment industry

Source: independent research by Aurora Research Institute

According to Auroras research, intelligent recruitment methods, such as video / live interview and enterprise VR recruitment, are used in the Super Duty season to create a relaxed job hunting atmosphere for job seekers in the form that young people like, so as to achieve the job search goal in one-stop manner. At the same time, the super vocation season brings together well-known enterprises, top stream hot integration, massive investment, and network wide resources. Relying on the cross-border cooperation of top brands and top stream resources, it forms the strongest online recruitment wave of the year.

02 enterprise recruitment demand trend analysis

Job demand - the number of jobs is increasing, and the recruitment demand of famous enterprises is booming

According to the data of the recruitment Research Institute in the same city, the total number of posts in the society has been increasing in recent years, and the number of Posts provided by famous enterprises has increased rapidly

58 according to the data of the recruitment Research Institute in the same city, from 2017 to 2020, the growth rate of the total jobs provided by the recruitment market is positive, and the total number of recruitment posts is increasing. From the number of jobs provided by enterprises, the growth index of famous enterprises is higher than that of overall enterprises in recent years.

Treatment status: famous enterprises have strong anti risk ability and stable average salary

In 2020, the average salary level of famous enterprises is 7523 yuan / month, which is higher than 7314 yuan / month of small and micro enterprises. From the perspective of year-on-year growth, the salary level of famous enterprises shows an overall upward trend, with steady growth. The average salary level of small and micro enterprises fluctuated greatly compared with the same period of last year, which shows that the salary level of small and micro enterprises is greatly affected by economic fluctuation, and its stability and anti risk ability are not as good as those of famous enterprises

Emerging opportunities - new industries bring a lot of high salary opportunities

58 according to the data of the recruitment Research Institute in the same city, new jobs are increasingly diversified, and emerging industries such as medical beauty, blockchain and 3D printing bring more high salary opportunities

From plastic surgeons, garbage sorters to nucleic acid testers, from 2018 to 2020, a large number of new jobs have been created in new industries and emergencies recognized by the society. The new technology has also spawned a large number of high salary related jobs. Blockchain application operators, Internet marketers and 3D printing equipment operators are all provided by the emerging new technology manufacturers in recent years.

03 prospect of recruitment industry

Recruitment market of enterprises responding to epidemic situation

After the epidemic, both enterprises and job seekers will face recruitment more rationally and cautiously. On the whole, most enterprises believe that the negative impact of the epidemic on the development of enterprises is relatively short, and the recruitment demand has gradually opened up. After the epidemic, enterprise recruitment will pay more attention to the optimization and upgrading of talent structure, and the recruitment demand for emerging sectors driven by the epidemic will expand. In the future, online and new technologies / new tools will be used to speed up the recruitment efficiency and improve the application experience of job seekers.

The changing trend of recruitment industry

The epidemic has also promoted the penetration of new technologies / tools and online channels in the recruitment industry

Cross border recruitment is imperative, which has become a universal or more tendentious choice

With the rapid change of enterprise mode, the employment demand of enterprises is also changing rapidly. It will be a new challenge for enterprises, especially famous enterprises, to adapt to and respond to the rapidly changing employment demand and promote the rapid growth of new business. From the perspective of job seekers, todays career development path is no longer linear, but has become more dispersed and extended in different directions. Job seekers can not only plough deeply in this field as in the past, but also switch their job fields according to their interests and preferences through cross disciplinary recruitment. Taking Alibaba and Longhu real estate as examples, Alibaba explored a new retail mode of online and offline integration, established its fresh food distribution new retail supermarket, HEMA fresh, and its demand also shifted from Internet talent demand to retail, supply chain and other talent demand; Longhu real estate broke through from the traditional real estate sector to the Internet, and took the initiative to transform with big data and new technologies, Constantly refresh the organizational structure and develop new businesses such as Longhu Guanyu and Longhu intelligent service; therefore, the types of talents needed by Longhu have also changed, which is not only a single talent in the real estate industry, but also talents with internet background.

Report description

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2. Data index description

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