The company will further open up the market of polyamide in 20 years

 The company will further open up the market of polyamide in 20 years

Founded in 2000, Kasai biology is a high-tech enterprise based on synthetic biology and other disciplines, using biological manufacturing technology to engage in the research and development, production and sales of new bio based materials.

Since its establishment, after nearly 20 years of R & D investment and technology accumulation, the company has accumulated profound experience in the field of biological manufacturing, and has developed into a world-famous platform for R & D and manufacturing of biological manufacturing theory and technology and industrial methods, and has more than 100 patents.

It is reported that in Chinas 13th five year plan for national science and technology innovation and the 13th five year plan for biotechnology innovation, synthetic biotechnology has been listed as one of the subversive technologies to develop and lead industrial changes required for building a modern industrial technology system with international competitiveness.

Kaisai bio is currently a representative and market influential leading enterprise in the large-scale production of long-chain dicarboxylic acid series products by biotechnology. The products occupy a leading position in the global market, and were rated as the single champion of the manufacturing industry by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2018.

Biological long chain dicarboxylic acid series products usually refer to aliphatic dicarboxylic acids with ten or more carbon atoms in the carbon chain, which are important fine chemical intermediates. Traditionally, it is mainly produced by chemical method, while Kasai biological process adopts biological method, which has the advantages of richer product types, lower cost and more environmental protection. It is mainly used for high-performance long-chain polyamide, perfume, hot-melt adhesive, lubricating oil, cold resistant plasticizer, powder coating, etc.

Kaisai biological long-chain dicarboxylic acid products have been recognized by international well-known enterprises, including DuPont, emmans, Evonik, Novo Nordisk and other global famous chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises.

The main business income of the company mainly comes from the sales revenue of biological manufacturing products. Among them, the proportion of biological long-chain dicarboxylic acid income in the main business income is 99.62%, 99.70% and 99.56% respectively.

In addition to biological long-chain dicarboxylic acid products, biogenic pentanediamine and bio Based Polyamide are also the main products of Kasai bio. Such achievements in the field of biological manufacturing are closely related to the R & D level of Kasai.

Business model with R & D as the core

The company has accumulated a large number of research and development achievements in the fields of synthetic biology, cell engineering, biochemistry, polymer materials and engineering, and its core technologies are applied to the companys main business. Up to now, Kasai has formed four core technologies in genetic engineering, bioengineering, bio chemical industry, polymerization and application development of biopolymer materials, which are protected by combining patent and trade secret.


In the aspect of genetic engineering, Kasai biological uses synthetic biological means to develop microbial metabolic pathways and construct high-efficiency engineered bacteria. The modern genetic engineering editing means of this technology (such as CRISPR / cas9, etc.) is used to transform the metabolic pathway of industrial microorganisms.

In terms of bioengineering, Kasai biologicals microbial metabolism regulation and efficient microbial transformation technology uses online sensor technology to collect various physiological parameters of biological metabolism process, conduct big data analysis, and implement intelligent control process.

In terms of polymerization and modification of biopolymer materials, Kaiser biopolymerization process and its downstream application and development technology were studied. The kinetics and thermodynamics of the polymerization reaction of biomaterials were studied. The corresponding production equipment and process were designed, and the modification method was studied according to the market demand.

In the process of in-depth research and development of the above four core technologies to enhance the competitiveness of products and reduce the cost of products, the quality and performance of Kasai biological products are also constantly improved. Up to now, the purity, transmittance and thermal stability of biological long-chain dicarboxylic acid (DC12 as an example) of the company, the companys indicators for biological polymerization products, and the color stability under high temperature detection are far better than those of similar products on the market.

During the reporting period, the R & D investment amount of Kasai biological increased year by year, and the proportion was stable. From 2017 to 2019, the companys R & D expenses were 64.5602 million yuan, 86.3938 million yuan and 90.1595 million yuan, accounting for 4.74%, 4.92% and 4.71% of the current operating income respectively.

It is reported that Kasai bio Based Polyamide Engineering Technology Research Center aims to enhance the R & D strength of the company in the field of polyamide products, which is conducive to further upgrading and improving the companys technology R & D system, and establishing a systematic research and Development Center for bio based polyamide products, which is of great significance to support the implementation of casais R & D and innovation strategy.

Kaisai Bio said that the company adheres to the R & D driven strategy, continues to develop R & D in the theoretical research and industrial practice of bio manufacturing, pays attention to the combination of R & D and market, and R & D and production, and leads the direction of technology R & D with effective market demand. The companys main business model is to continuously transfer technical advantages to productivity through continuous research and development, improving production process, reducing costs and improving quality.

For example, in the aspect of pentanediamine, Kaisai bio based pentanediamine technology has made continuous breakthroughs. So far, it has completed the pilot test, which is expected to solve the main bottleneck of the development of the bimonor polyamide industry. The companys production of glutamine is mainly used for the production of its own polyamide series products, and some of them are provided to downstream customers for application and development. The companys bio based pentanediamine products have been verified by downstream international customers and have been used in automobile surface coatings. This application has won the ecsinnovation award.

Another example is bio based polyamide. Based on the polycondensation of biogenic glutamine and different dibasic acids, Casa bio based polyamide products, such as polyamide 56, have the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance, flame retardancy, moisture absorption and good resilience, which can be widely used in the fields of textile and clothing, carpet, industrial silk, etc.

At present, the company has cooperated with spinning, cloth and carpet enterprises to develop a series of products such as civil silk, carpet silk and industrial silk of polyamide 56; the company has successfully developed polyester amide fiber products with super cotton like properties by modifying polyester fiber with bio based materials.

It is reported that the self owned textile material Talon made by Kasai biology has been selected as the most concerned fiber product in the 2017 China International Textile yarn (spring and summer) exhibition, and has been selected as China fiber fashion trend for two consecutive years.

At present, the company is planning to build high-performance long-chain polyamide production capacity. In the future, the company will further develop the long-chain polyamide market relying on its own advantages of long-chain dicarboxylic acid and pentanediamine.

It is reported that Kasai biological products cover the whole industrial chain of polyamide, including Bio Based Polyamide and its monomer, biological long-chain dicarboxylic acid series and biogenic pentanediamine. Around the industrial chain, the company has planned a three-step development strategy, that is, the strategy of biological long-chain dicarboxylic acid series products, the product strategy of bio based pentanediamine and the product strategy of bio based polyamide.

The three-step development strategy shows that Kasai bio has certified its own strength, and this confidence comes from its hard core innovation and research ability. From the core technology of biological long-chain dicarboxylic acid series products to bio based polyamide, and then to biogenic pentanediamine, Casa bio has always used its own strength to tell the story of Chinese enterprises on the world stage, show the strength of Chinese enterprises, and gradually grow into a benchmark enterprise in the field of biological science.