Women in love should bear in mind: love and gifts, can not reach for

 Women in love should bear in mind: love and gifts, can not reach for

Sorting out recent letters, many male netizens described their entanglement in love like this: I fell in love, although I like her very much, she always reaches out for gifts, let alone anniversaries. What kind of acquaintance we have for three days, together for a month, even her mothers birthday, I have to give gifts as a memorial day Whats more, I love her, but she always doesnt believe it. She asks whether she loves her or not. If she loves a person, does she have to talk about it every day?

There is also a girl named Joe in the letter crying, but on the day of my acquaintance, I asked him for a bag, but he turned his face and said goodbye. Has such a man never loved me?

In Qiaos view of love, love means romance, and romance needs to be expressed by giving gifts. Therefore, she divides the process of two peoples love in detail: the anniversary of the day they met, the anniversary of holding hands, the anniversary of kissing, the anniversary of meeting parents for the first time All of these will remind my boyfriend to give me some presents to commemorate. At first, he felt fresh and was willing to cooperate with her, but gradually he felt bored. Especially after he forgot these so-called anniversaries, Joe would get very angry and question his no me in my heart. After two years of love, the two men persisted in love, and finally became boredu201c Joe pointed to a bag and said, today is the 681st day we met. when the boy friend immediately said, Im really tired, lets go.

(Ming Yi Yuedu dividing line)

Many girls are always willing to equate gifts with love when they are in love.

If you love me, please give me a gift. The more you love me, the more you love me.

Men who refuse to spend money just dont love.

Under this logic, what we ask for is not only gifts, but also how much boys love them through gifts. However, we forget the fact that the love that we blindly ask for will be bored by boys one day.

Mingyi thinks that a really smart girl will never reach out easily when she is in love, because she knows that what she wants is not the one who loves her most, and even if you dont need it, he will give them all.

Begging is not love. Real love is giving automatically.