Lu Qi: PUA has never been just mind control

 Lu Qi: PUA has never been just mind control

The emergence of this word is because yesterday, yamy, the leader of the 101 rocket girls, made a hot search on her micro blog.

The content is a recording of a conference room, in which the boss Xu Mingchao scolds yamy for being ugly, unable to sing and Niang gun in front of employees.

Even asked his subordinates to agree with him, so many people still say that this phenomenon is the workplace PUA.

The emergence of workplace PUA has aroused many netizens discussion

When the boss says Im optimistic about you, you cant let me down, I think this is the bosss PUA;

Many people begin to classify some words they hear in life as PUA, but in fact, the definition of PUA is not so!

Therefore, what Xu Ming Dynasty did was not a kind of workplace PUA, but a kind of workplace spirit control.



People often use the word PUA to describe a certain social situation, such as love PUA, workplace PUA and friendship PUA. However, the definition of this word must not be confused.

Lu Qi said:

If the word PUA is narrowly defined as mind control, then those scum men who pursue to push down girls quickly and those swindlers who take advantage of human design and curiosity to quickly get rid of girls are likely to be washed away.

PUA should be a means of cheating the opposite sex by men with the ultimate goal of sexual relations. It includes the schools of quick push and mind control. It is the top scum who, under the guise of love, treats girls as playthings, swindles money and lusts, and completely destroys a girl.

Its core is to use technology to run to the girl you want, and quickly have physical relations, and then quickly get rid of the girl, leaving no trouble.

After the separation, well shoot and scatter. You dont know me or I dont know you. This is the core point of bubble science.

Three roles, they will set different backgrounds, for example, prodigal son is self indulgent, every day in girls, do not believe in love, especially understand women, romantic, very free and easy; what is the king, strong control, manly, especially self-motivated, high intelligence, courage; poet is brilliant, his own way, do not care about the worlds eyes, legacy Independent and romantic.

After determining the character setting, it will enter the core of bubble Science - five step trap: curiosity trap - heartache trap - confession trap - mind control trap - intermittent reinforcement.

He just let you know at the beginning. Thats the first goal.

The second goal is to let you discover his different places, discover his inner story, and then let you have the feeling of heartache for him.

The fourth slowly begins to destroy your self-esteem.

The fifth is to start abusing you emotionally. You can see that every trap is step by step. When you get into one trap, youre bound to go to the next.

For many girls, the most afraid is to meet a slag man, but the most terrible is to meet the so-called bubble.

PUA, the abbreviation of pick-up artist, is simply a set of foreign technology to teach boys how to pick up girls.

Some girls may be cheated and cheated. The most serious one is the psychological principle, which destroys a girls self-esteem through mind control and intermittent reinforcement, making her a slave in the field of slag mans emotion, and even willing to commit suicide for mens self mutilation.

Last year, a girl in Peking University committed suicide because of PUA. Before she committed suicide, her boyfriend mu Linhan asked for nude photos, pregnancy before abortion and tattoo. The wechat note she gave her boyfriend on her mobile phone turned out to be the owner..

The ending was heartbreaking. She chose to commit suicide because of her inferiority and guilt, leaving her grieved family.

We also interviewed the fans who were once PUA. She was a graduate of 985 University, but her life has changed dramatically since she met a man.

He was a gentle and patient person, but he would ask her all kinds of excessive and even abnormal requirements, but at that time, she felt that she could do anything for him.

Even kneel down for men, for men swallow a whole bottle of sleeping pills suicide, are willing.

Through the screenshots of chat records between her and PUA members for more than a year, it was found that she was completely brainwashed by PUAs core skill, the five step trap rule.

Basically to the last step of mind control of the girls, completely on the emotional slave to men.

You will be overjoyed by the sweetness he has given you, and you will feel inferior and despairing because of his indifference. You will blame all the mistakes on yourself, and feel that you cant live alone without this man.

The most terrible thing is that there are people who have become the training instructors of PUA. They teach classes and sell PUA specific courses. Tell me how to do self packaging to speed push girls, and have a relationship with them, but there are not a few people attending the class.

So those girls who havent been in love, even if you are alone now, dont fall in love at will.

You have to know that everyone is a completely independent individual, and no one will become an accessory of whose. Love with reservation in this world is your best protection for yourself.


Mind control

Mind control is actually what most people think of as workplace PUA, which is to make you willingly work for the company through words or behaviors.

Mind control, also known as mind control or mind control, has something in common with brainwashing.

Through the disintegration of the individuals understanding of himself, the individual can completely change his view on his own experience and personality, instill new values and world outlook, so that the individual can rely on an organization and an individual and become the tool of the organization.

Its like I had a friend who was quite content with the status quo, but suddenly began to work overtime and went to the hospital.

People around her wondered why she suddenly became such a positive person. She said that because the boss was so kind to her, she not only gave her various privileges, but also gave her a special promotion.

But the boss said this: the company values you so much, you must not let us down. Everyone is working hard to work overtime. You cant say you didnt work overtime when you got promoted.

So she began to be the last person in the team to work overtime every day, determined to reward this affirmation.

Under the guise of optimistic about you, it has changed your mentality and habits in the workplace and made you become one of the desperate members, which is the purpose of workplace mental control.

This is what happened to yamy. As she said, Xu Mingmings attitude towards her always fluctuates between the two poles

You have an advantage and have confidence in yourself.

Youre not worth it, really not.

You have to rely on your work. I absolutely support it.

You have to make me happy before you ask for anything.

In the past two years, the crackdown on accusations has depressed her mood and turned her head. A promise will make her full of expectations. As early as unconsciously, yamy has become the object of Xu Mingmings mind control. He is full of expectation because of his encouragement, and falls to the bottom because of his negation.

In such a cycle, all her efforts are just to get the approval of the boss and the company, but she has long forgotten what her idea is.

So in her words, she couldnt help asking: what am I, exactly?

But as she said, she will be responsible for herself from now on. You are born not belong to anyone, also do not owe anyone, your good or bad only you judge, no one can deny your value.


Mental abuse

If mind control is to control your mind from cold to hot, then mental abuse is to completely destroy your will. Therefore, some legal experts have commented that mental abuse is a kind of domestic violence that is more cruel, more hidden and more lethal; in terms of the degree of injury, it is equivalent to the physical damage caused by military injury.

To put it bluntly, mental abuse is pure mental violence.

Some people will be very curious about what kind of mental abuse is. In fact, the most common cold violence is.

When you have a conflict, he will not quarrel with you, but close the door and leave you alone hysterical, will not give you a response.

Just like in the recent hit drama just 30, when Zhong Xiaoqin couldnt bear to be angry with Chen Yu, Chen Yu went into the room without saying a word, closed the door, left her at the door and yelled: who are you cold and violent to show!

Her vent, just to let their own grievances have a place to go, but this vent of Zhong Xiaoqin, or will feel unprecedented grievances. In fact, this is a kind of mental abuse, even more hurtful than verbal violence and behavioral violence.

The most frightening thing is the mental abuse in an intimate relationship, and the victim is not aware of the harm.

If mind control is to change all your happiness, anger, sorrow and happiness for him, then mental abuse is constantly attacking your self-confidence, eroding your personality, and making you begin to doubt the value and significance of your own existence.

Before I saw a fan say: I feel like a waste, it seems meaningless to live.

After understanding, she was not recognized at work. She wanted to start her own business, but was strongly opposed by her family and denied by her boyfriend this time.

Why do you start a business if you cant do a good job?

Everyone else has a brain for starting a business. What do you have?

Every word, like a knife, completely disintegrates her confidence. She thought she could ignore the evaluation of the outside world, but when the closest people around her hit her like this, she still fell into a breakdown.

It is said that physical injury may not be as cruel as mental abuse. Only those who have experienced it will understand the despair denied by the whole world.

Even so, you are always the only one in the world. It doesnt matter if others dont recognize you. You still have yourself.

Life is your own, the road is your own, even if the outcome is miserable is your own bear, others have no right to interfere with the blame.

Therefore, not all praise and blow, emotional changes can be called PUA.

Today, we give all the girls a wake-up call, completely distinguish the relationship between the three, do not let the slag man have a chance!