Amazon pushes new Alexa development tools to control IOS applications with voice

 Amazon pushes new Alexa development tools to control IOS applications with voice

The Alexa for apps program will allow developers to bundle some of the features of their applications with Alexa skills, which can deeply link users to specific information through simple commands.

The move sounds similar to what Apple and Google have already done on their platforms. Currently, when using Alexa on the iPhone, users are limited to the application experience and cannot call Alexa from anywhere else on the device. Alexaforapps will be used on other Alexa platforms and will enable new features wherever Alexa is used, such as echobugs or Android devices.

Alexaforapps will enable the following features: 1) search in applications such as twitter; 2) ask sonic for information such as menus; 3) access features in the application, such as starting recording in tiktok.

Were looking for a fundamental change in the way people search for voice, says vartanyian, director of technology at the company. Its easier to query and find instant results from the nearest restaurant, gas station or emergency care center than opening the app and typing. We were able to take advantage of Alexas new deep linking capabilities to easily roll out our first Alexa skills, linking voice search to results in our yellow pages app.

While these new features will be available in the Alexa app on IOS, you can also find similar features in Siri. The built-in IOS assistant provides system wide access to users applications and is ready to use heysiri when activating the assistant hands-free.

Amazon didnt announce an official release date for Alexa for apps, but developers can choose to join the preview via Amazon. (small)

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease science and Technology Report_ NT2541