What kind of a stay at home wife is? A woman is weak, but a wife must be quick and firm

 What kind of a stay at home wife is? A woman is weak, but a wife must be quick and firm


In the eyes of men, full-time wives are idle at home. That is to do housework, take care of the elderly and children, as long as the husband back to eat. It seems that there is not much technical content. Therefore, when the wife reaches for her husband to ask for money, it is usually not too smooth. Nagging may be unavoidable: what? Didnt you just get the money? Again, where did you spend your money. Its not easy for me to make money to support my family. You dont really have to be responsible for beauty. Save it, will you? Full time wife is very helpless, this money is not spent on this home!


Men are too difficult to serve: women have their own business, he will feel that women do not care about home. If a woman does not have her own career, he will feel that she is useless. Full of scorn, what women are long hair, short knowledge and so on. But full time wife is the most conscientious profession. She is a 24-hour service and will never and will not be offline. As soon as you pass it on, you can get there with meticulous service. You have to endure your complaints day after day, year after year. A full-time wife will have to look at your face and decide what to do and say according to your mood.


Lets take a look at Gu Jia in thirty. People say shes the perfect stay at home wife. Come on, is she easy? Get up early in the morning and take care of the children first. Then, we have to find a way to integrate into the wife circle. I just want to find more business opportunities for my husbands business. Is she still a stay at home wife? Its wrong. Its a big mistake. She is an all-round lady, but in her husbands eyes, she is just like this. Yes, she chose not to expose the mountain or water. But in silence, do everything well. Pave the way for the husband as much as possible.


For Gu Jia, he is nothing. But can not bully her children, then dont blame her reckless hand. Did you enjoy the scene of fighting with the bears parents? Did you have a good time? You dont think thats the attitude a full-time wife should have. This is if a woman is a woman, then she is weak; if a woman is a mother, then she is just. Who dares to look at a full-time wife as an ignorant Canary? There is no matter how to tear off the three. Stay at home wives do their best to protect their families.


Maybe, Gu Jia is really a little strong. Strong, let Xuhuan mountain to advance. His career, Gu Jia is not just a military adviser. Its enough to give advice and even take the initiative to attack. Is she just at home? No, no, no, thats the rhythm of plotting strategies and winning thousands of miles away. Before you let the other party sign off, you have to throw a lot of hard words:

This company was founded with Mr. Xu before I became a full-time wife. I have worked in a foreign enterprise for two years. I have met some girls who do not pay much attention to their professional ability, but focus on leaders, especially male leaders. Study their preferences and treat it as a compliment to yourself. I dont think these girls have much ambition or ability. They can splash a lot of water. They just want to take advantage of their gender advantages, get more favoritism and care, be lazy at work, and get promoted and raised faster than others. But after all, in the workplace, girls who choose to use this method also need to pay a price. But the only thing I cant tolerate is to cause losses to the company!

Do you dare to belittle stay at home wives? This is a fast and accurate species. Men, please cherish. Xiao San, please get out of here!