The father gave the warmest answer to the dilemma of 12 million parents

 The father gave the warmest answer to the dilemma of 12 million parents

Li Lanjuan, the only female academician of infectious diseases in China, came into the public view due to the sudden outbreak of new epidemic.

However, her husband Zheng Shusen is also an academician. He is a pioneer in the cause of multiple organ transplantation in China, and his husband and wife have been selected as academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering.

On the eve of the new years Eve, his wife went to Wuhan to investigate the epidemic situation of Xinguan, and her husband made a new years Eve dinner to see her off; his wife released major anti-virus research results on the front line of anti-virus, and the husband sent a video to congratulate her. After the Spring Festival, the wife led an expert team to consult and treat critically ill patients in Wuhan. The husband held an umbrella and held her hand through the sea of people, and she was laughing because she came back safely FLOWER.

Behind the enviable love,

What kind of super emotional world does the academician couple have?


Seeing off his wife three times

Husband on the battlefield

After new years Eve,

A screenshot of a circle of friends dominates the screen on the Internet:

Today Im relaxed, so I can stop cooking new years Eve dinner. Academician Zheng will replace me with a scalpel instead of a kitchen knife.

It was Academician Li Lanjuan who sent out this circle of friends.

At this time, it was only five hours before she returned to her home in Hangzhou from Beijing, and a day later, she would set foot on the first-line flight to Wuhan to fight the epidemic.

But for the great love in their hearts and the responsibility of doctors, they try their best to support each others cause.

This small family learned from medicine and shared the same ideals. However, Zheng Shusen was reluctant to give up and sent his wife to the battlefield three times.

The first was during the SARS period. Li Lanjuan, then director of the health department of Zhejiang Province, decisively made the decision to isolate and observe 110000 people who were in close contact with SARS patients in Hangzhou. As a result, neither medical staff infection nor second generation infection cases occurred in Zhejiang Province.

During the desperate struggle with SARS, Zheng Shusen often personally sent his wife to the epidemic area to treat patients.

Within 48 hours of the discovery of the first SARS case in Zhejiang, Li Lanjuan led the research team to seize the virus specific nucleic acid of the patient, and finally successfully cultivated and isolated the SARS virus, and published the monograph atypical pneumonia.

In 2013, h7n9 avian influenza occurred in the Yangtze River Delta.

That night, when I set out with the expert group, Shusen sent me to the station and said a word. He told me to pay attention to adding clothes in the evening, so as not to catch a cold. Li Lanjuan said.

It was one oclock in the morning when she arrived in Zhenjiang. After putting on protective clothing and checking the patients condition, Li Lanjuan introduced the treatment principle of four resistances and two balances to local doctors and asked them to treat patients according to this plan.

After the consultation, she immediately returned to Hangzhou and had a rest for more than an hour. At 8 am, she appeared in the laboratory again.

The research team led by Li Lanjuan found that 82% of h7n9 patients had exposure history in the live poultry market, and the experiment proved that the live poultry market was the source of the virus. At her suggestion, the government closed the live poultry market, reducing the risk of more than 97% of human infections.

In 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak occurred, and Li Lanjuan, 73, was once again out of the mountain.

The epidemic situation is far more serious than expected. On January 22, the expert team led by Academician Li Lanjuan made an extremely difficult decision - to close the city. At 10 a.m. the next day, the whole city of Wuhan was closed.

The closure of the city means a strong man is broken, which means that everything in Wuhan will come to a standstill.

On January 26 (the second day of the new year), Li Lanjuan volunteered to go to the front line of the epidemic. Zheng Shusen, who was deeply attached to his wife, was sent to the gate of the airport.

After the outbreak was slightly stable, Li Lanjuan returned home for temporary rest. But after the video conference on February 1, she resolutely decided to lead the team of experts back to Wuhan.

On the day of setting out again, her husband Zheng Shusen followed her with a bag to see him off. He was still silent and caring

His wife, who was over 70 years old, fought day and night on the front line of epidemic prevention. Zheng Shusen was also worried that he could not eat well.

He sent a wechat warning:

You must do a good job of protection, pay attention to rest.

Li Lanjuan reply:

Dont worry. By the end of the battle, I will come back safely.

From barefoot doctor to academician

Like minded is love

Shusen and I met and got married, which was both plain and legendary. In todays words, we are a typical brother-in-law relationship. Academician Li Lanjuan spoke a typical Shaoxing dialect in Zhejiang Province with a pleasant and gentle laugh.

Li Lanjuan was born in xialuqiao village, Xialu Town, Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province. Although her family is poor, she has always been among the best who loves reading since childhood.

When the college entrance examination was cancelled when she graduated from high school, Li Lanjuan could only go home to work as a barefoot doctor in her hometown. Every day, she went to the mountain to collect medicinal materials in person and walked in the village with her medicine box on her back, guarding the health of more than 400 villagers.

Six years of training at the grass-roots level not only gave her a strong will, but also developed a superb medical skills.

In 1970, 23-year-old Li Lanjuan was recommended to Zhejiang Medical University for further study. Here, she met Zheng Shusen, a shy boy four years younger than her, who was also recommended to study in the University.

After graduating from University, Li Lanjuan became a doctor in the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Medical University, while Zheng Shusen stayed in to teach.

Although they are in the same unit, they dont have much time for love. Besides medicine, their love topics are almost nothing else. One is in the operating room and the other is in the laboratory. It is common for them to work until one or two oclock in the morning every day.

After five years of love, Li Lanjuan and Zheng Shusen finally came together.

I remember it was May 1st, when we got married at home. As a result, on the afternoon of the wedding day, Shusen received a call from his hometown saying that his father was suddenly seriously ill

After hearing this, Li Lanjuan offered to accompany her husband back to her hometown. As there was no direct train from Hangzhou to Longyou at that time, the couple had to transfer to Jinhua railway station for the night.

They took a blanket to the railway station square, and spent their first wedding night.

When driving at dawn, looking at Li Lanjuans tired face, Zheng Shusen has been saying sorry, and his heart is heavy.

His wifes humor made Zheng Shusen laugh.

After marriage, Li Lanjuan and Zheng Shusen still live a busy life at two oclock every day. The only time for communication in a day is two hours from getting up to arriving at the hospital.

Breakfast is the only meal they eat together in a day.

But even so, they seldom discuss family trivia, and more topics focus on organ transplantation, virus therapy and international advanced medical technology

Their romance comes from the boring academic discussion in the eyes of others, but for them, it is the daily and moving love words that help each other the most.

After that, Li Lanjuan and Zheng Shusen had two sons in succession. The couple didnt have more time to take care of their two children, which made them learn to live independently very early.

Because they are so engrossed in their work, Li Lanjuan and Zheng Shusen have no time to go sightseeing, poetic and picturesque together: my biggest hobby is watching movies and watching Yueju Opera. They have been married for more than 40 years, but Shusen has never gone to the cinema with me to see a movie.

Li Lanjuan said that she knew Zheng Shusen liked Wu Opera, but she often took time to watch it with him.

How many people say that husband and wife quarrel at the head of the bed and at the end of the bed, but we have known each other for 45 years and have never quarreled once.

Although in the eyes of outsiders, the busy couple are busy every day, but they can always create opportunities to meet. No matter how late they work, Zheng Shusen will wait for Li Lanjuan in the unit and drive her home.


Medical madman

fly side by side

If I encounter a patient with liver failure that can not be treated by artificial liver technology, I will transfer the patient to Shusen and ask him to consider liver transplantation. And when he was admitted to some patients with severe liver disease, he would also recommend us to try artificial liver treatment first Li Lanjuan said.

This kind of husband and wife referral is a normal thing in their eyes, but it often makes patients feel surprisingly lucky: at once, two academicians see their own doctors and two people give treatment programs. What a great honor!

Both couples are very concerned about liver disease. In the 1980s, severe hepatitis was rampant in China, and the mortality rate was as high as 80%.

Li Lanjuan wanted to save people, but because of the limited medical methods, she could not find a cure.

After more than ten years of exploration and experiment, Li Lanjuan and her team finally established Li ALS, which increased the cure rate of acute and subacute severe hepatitis from 11.9% to 78.9%, opened up a new way to treat severe hepatitis and saved countless families.

Since then, Li Lanjuan has become a pioneer of artificial liver technology in China, and is also known as the leader of the largest artificial liver organization in the world.

Academician Zheng Shusen is the vice president of the Chinese Medical Association, the vice president of the Chinese Medical Association, and the president of the organ transplant physicians branch of the Chinese Medical Association. He is also the promoter of the second wave of liver transplantation in China and a leading figure in the field of organ transplantation.

Before the 1980s, surgeons performed organ transplants with a success rate of less than 20%. But with the efforts of Shusen and other experts, taking liver transplantation as an example, the survival rate has increased nearly three times Li Lanjuan said with pride. In October 1991, Zheng Shusen, as the first assistant, participated in the first human orthotopic liver transplantation in Hong Kong, which became one of the top ten news in Hong Kong.

Since the first liver transplantation in Zhejiang Province was carried out in 1993, more than 860 liver transplantation cases have been carried out by Shusen, all of which have reached the international advanced level.

Although she is now a well-known infectious disease expert in China, Li Lanjuan is proud of her husbands medical achievements.

She said,

In 2001, her husband performed living donor liver transplantation for a 9-month-old child with congenital biliary atresia, which was the youngest child living donor liver transplantation in China at that time. In the second half of the year, he also carried out the first adult living donor liver transplantation in China;

In 2007, he implemented a liver transplantation for a child born only 106 days with congenital biliary atresia, and reopened the record of the Chinese mainlands youngest child liver transplant.

In 2001, Zheng Shusen was elected academician of Chinese Academy of engineering.

Four years later, Li Lanjuan was elected academician of infectious diseases and infectious diseases Engineering Academy of China Ministry of medicine and health.

Just three years ago, in 2017, Zheng Shusen was also elected as a foreign academician of the French National Academy of Medical Sciences.

Shusens academic achievements are particularly fruitful.

After decades of marriage, Li Lanjuan always talks about her husband, and her words are still full of appreciation and admiration.

Li Lanjuan and Zheng Shusen, the academician husband and wife, not only adhere to the principle of benevolence of doctors, but also devote themselves to training outstanding medical talents. They have donated money to establish Shusen Lanjuan academician talent fund and Shulan medical award to cultivate a group of first-class medical scientists in China.

In March 31, 2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia Li Lanjuan 58 days of academicians, along with the Zhejiang medical team more than 1000 people officially evacuated Wuhan.

It was a rainy day in Hangzhou. Zheng Shusen held a bunch of flowers in his left hand and an umbrella in his right hand when he met the medical team back to Zhejiang.

He wanted to see his wife for the first time and wiped his glasses again and again: I feel very happy and excited to see Academician Li come back safely and safely soon!

Li Lanjuan got off the plane and saw her husband in the crowd. I knew he would come that day, but I didnt expect to be so happy. In surprise, their hands had already been tightly held together.

As a hero for two months, what I cant give up is the concern for relatives thousands of miles away.

Marriage is a book, the first chapter is about poetry, and the rest is plain prose.

Zheng Shusen summed up their marriage.

Under the fame, what does not change is the devotion of two people who know each other for 45 years.