Forbes 2020 China Charity list: Ma Yun and Ma Huateng rank fifth and sixth

 Forbes 2020 China Charity list: Ma Yun and Ma Huateng rank fifth and sixth

Text / Forbes China

This year, a total of 100 entrepreneurs were on the list. Xu Jiayin, chairman of Evergrande group, Yang Guoqiang, chairman of country garden and his family, and sun Hongbin, chairman of rongchuang China, ranked among the top three with total cash donations of 3.01 billion yuan, 1.52 billion yuan and 1.39 billion yuan respectively.

Xu Jiayin, chairman of Evergrande group, has been ranked first in the charity list for the fifth time. Photo source: Dr

This year is the fourteenth time Forbes China released Chinas charity list. The total amount of cash donations of 100 entrepreneurs (enterprises) on the list was 17.91 billion yuan, down 6.6% from 19.17 billion yuan last year. It is the fifth time after 2011, 2017, 2018 and 2019 that the total donation amount has exceeded 10 billion yuan. This years entry threshold is 10 million yuan, lower than last years 18 million yuan.

Forbes China investigated the cash donations of Chinese private entrepreneurs and enterprises in the field of charity in 2019, and combined the contributions of entrepreneurs and their management enterprises to prepare the annual China Charity list. Every year, 100 entrepreneurs (enterprises) are selected. In this years charity list, there are 35 entrepreneurs who have donated more than 100 million yuan, with a total donation of 15.09 billion yuan, accounting for 84% of the total.

Xu Jiayin, chairman of the board of directors of Evergrande group, with a total donation of 3.01 billion yuan, continues to be the top charity in China in 2020. With 2012, 2013, 2018 and 2019, this is the fifth time that Xu Jiayin has been on the top of the charity list.

In 2019, Evergrande, as always, has been actively involved in poverty alleviation, donating more than 3 billion yuan in the whole year. Among them, 1 billion yuan was donated to Bijie City, Guizhou Province. Since Evergrande paired up to help Bijie City, 7.5 billion yuan has been donated to Bijie City, helping 905000 people out of poverty. At the same time, Evergrande has continuously copied and promoted the experience of helping Bijie, helping Guangdong, Henan, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Qinghai and other places win the battle of poverty alleviation with high quality. Up to now, Evergrande group has donated more than 17.75 billion yuan to charity and public welfare undertakings such as poverty alleviation and peoples livelihood.

The Yang Guoqiang family, chairman of country gardens board of directors, ranked first with a total donation of 1.52 billion yuan. Since the first large-scale donation in 1997, Yang Guoqiang and Yang Huiyan led Country Garden Group and Guoqiang public welfare foundation to donate more than 6.4 billion yuan to the community. In August 2019, Linxia Guoqiang vocational and technical school, funded by country garden with a donation of 300 million yuan, started to lay the foundation. The school adheres to the public welfare attribute and exempts students from poor families from all expenses. In Yang Guoqiangs view, the real meaning of charity is to help others save themselves.

Sun Hongbin, chairman of rongchuang China, is the third entrepreneur. In 2019, rongchuang China has donated 1.39 billion yuan in poverty alleviation, education, environmental protection and other fields. Under his leadership, the rongchuang public welfare sharing public welfare platform was launched last year. By opening up online and offline participation channels, rongchuang provides more convenient public welfare participation methods and open and shared public welfare interactive experience for rongchuang employees, owners and social caring people. By the end of 2019, the platform has launched nearly 100 public welfare activities in 45 cities in 23 provinces.

Looking back on the list of the past three years, the data shows that 29 entrepreneurs have been on the charity list for three consecutive years, and the total donation amount of these 29 philanthropic entrepreneurs is as high as 32.6 billion yuan. It is the sense of social responsibility of private entrepreneurs to think about the source of water and feed the society. Many private enterprises have formed a corporate responsibility culture characterized by charity. Through scientific planning and management, we can realize the benign and balanced development of enterprises main business and charity.

In terms of donation direction, education and poverty alleviation are the two major directions of charity donation this year, accounting for more than 60% in total. Education ranked first with 35.5% of the total, becoming the first choice for entrepreneurs to carry out charity. Most entrepreneurs are very willing to donate cash or set up special education fund for their alma mater.

Facts have proved that famous universities are easier to get donations from alumni. With strong financial support, the overall strength of these universities can be significantly improved, thus forming a virtuous circle and attracting higher quality students. In 2019, the centennial anniversary of Nankai University will be held. Zhang Yiming, chairman of the board of directors of byte beating, and Huang Qisen, chairman of Taihe Group, will donate 110 million yuan and 100 million yuan respectively to support the development of Nankai University.

The year of 2019 is the year to win the battle of poverty alleviation. With the encouragement of policies, entrepreneurs are giving generously. Poverty alleviation has become a popular donation direction, ranking the second with the proportion of 30%, and it will increase further in the foreseeable future.

It is worth noting that the trend of social welfare becoming the foundation and backbone of public welfare and charity has begun to appear, ranking third with 14.3% of the total. Taking Tencent as an example, it takes Tencent Network donation platform, yixingjia and Tencent public welfare network as platforms to cultivate the public welfare habits of hundreds of millions of netizens and promote the ecological construction of public welfare for everyone. In addition, Tencent foundation has explored the frontier and possibility of the combination of Internet and public welfare in rural development, education, poverty alleviation, emergency relief, employee welfare and other fields through open platform for villages and Tencent three-dimensional disaster relief.

In terms of the industry concentration of the listed companies, real estate, diversification and the Internet ranked the top three. The real estate industry is not only the industry with the largest number of billionaires, but also the industry with the largest number of philanthropists. According to the list, donations from the real estate industry amounted to 7.11 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 40% of the total, making it a well deserved main force of donations. More than two or three

In Yuanhua and Internet industries, cash donations totaled 6.26 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 35%. It can be seen that the donation amount of the top three industries accounts for 75% of the total amount.

In terms of the distribution of enterprises on the list, Shenzhen, Beijing and Guangzhou have become the top three charity areas with the largest number of donation enterprises, with more than 40% of the enterprises concentrated. In terms of the amount of donations, the three cities, Shenzhen, Beijing and Guangzhou, respectively, accounted for 29.2%, 15.4% and 12.3% of the total amount of donations, respectively, exceeding 50% of the total amount of donations.

The fulfillment of social responsibility is an important quality and intangible asset of an enterprise, and it is also an important way for an enterprise to shape its own image and enhance its social popularity. Enterprises should regard public welfare charity as a sustained, persistent and normal cause, and reach out to those in need at the first time.

Public charity is not only a kind thought, but also a normal one. The standard to measure the success of an enterprise is not only the commercial achievement, but also whether it can fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise. Only when the social responsibility is implemented in the daily business activities and public welfare undertakings can we show the enterprises sense of merit and responsibility.