Pregnant fat was accused of treason, married banana tree, the worlds first beauty life is not so easy

 Pregnant fat was accused of treason, married banana tree, the worlds first beauty life is not so easy

Novel coronavirus pneumonia tests were also positive for Abhishek Bajo and his father, Amidap Bajo, who are currently being treated in hospitals.

Who is amidap baqiang?

All the Indian stars you can name are fans of him.

In partner in India, it was he who patted the man on the shoulder and said the core line of the film: there are Superman, Batman and Spiderman in America, but there is cushion man in India!

Dont look at the old mans benevolence now, when he was young, he was as hard as Jackie Chans pure man.

The eyes are strong and sharp, which is in line with the aesthetic of Indian netizens

In the Great Gatsby, the old man also used to partner with little plum

His son, absek baqiang, was not a fuel-efficient lamp. His parents had sent him to the United States to study business, but he wanted to be an actor, inherit his fathers mantle, and gradually climb to the position of famous actor by his own ability.

The eyes are the same

Further information on the family situation has not yet been released, and before asivaya ray and her daughter were hospitalized, absek also posted a tweet:

The most beautiful woman in the world

Many of the children born in the 90s may have never heard of this name, but aishwaya Lei was once a benchmark of beauty in YuYans mind.

There is no other reason, just because the girl was so beautiful when she was young

Aishwaya ray was born in 1973 in a middle-class family in southern India. She was a strict tutor. After graduating from University, she was favored by many fashion brands.

India is a country with a caste system, and the closer it looks to Westerners, the more popular it will be

Aisiwaya looks westernized and tends to be Caucasian. Her jewel like blue eyes add a lot to her perfect eye shape. Her exquisite facial features make her look more elegant and feminine than many traditional Indian actresses;

Her smooth facial lines, perfect lip shape and excellent head shoulder ratio add a lot to her overall temperament.

The first Bollywood beauty deserves its reputation

To be beautiful is luck, but to win a piece of world for oneself by virtue of beauty is skill.

You should know that it is useless to rely solely on beauty in the Miss World beauty contest. Excellent talent and brain are indispensable

Beauty and talent are always the movies favorites. Aisiwaya, who holds the title of Miss World, naturally receives an olive branch from Bollywood.

In the era of the rise of Indian films, she starred in numerous representative works such as love word road, Bollywood life and death love, he Rijun can know my heart and so on.

In particular, the Bollywood classic love and death in Bollywood was filmed in 2002. She was accompanied by Saruk Khan, who is known as Indias Tango. The plot of handsome men and beautiful women and cruel heart has cheated YuYans tears.

Her eyes speak

Aishwaya moved to Hollywood in 2004, and in 2005 she made spice with Dylan McDermott.

It was this film that made Hollywood meet this amazing woman for the first time

Put a moving picture to let the friends feel the beauty of asivaya at that time

The first husband was a banana tree

The more films are made, the more famous she is, but more criticism comes along.

Because India is a country dominated by religious consciousness, with diverse beliefs and complicated doctrines, it is possible to step on thunder if you are a little careless, and you also need to walk on thin ice to make movies.

Aishwaya had a kiss with Bollywood actor hernicke Roshan when she appeared in the movie phantom of the chariot 2..

Shortly after the film was released, a lawyer took aisiwaya to court, claiming that she had slandered the dignity of Indian women and sent pornographic messages to teenagers.

With her kiss is Bollywoods No.1 marshal, herrink Roshan

The two also worked together on the historical film Akbar the great. Sister Yuyan recommended her partner to have a look, which was very eye-catching

The Indian court asked aisiwaya to appear in court, but the Indian people publicly supported aisiwaya and thought that the scene of her kissing was beautiful.

With Yu Yans popular science here, it is explicitly stipulated in India that no kissing scenes are allowed in films. As a last resort, they will use the camera to switch

In sharp contrast to the system of fines for kissing scenes in movies, there is a rape case every 22 minutes in India, and New Delhi is known as the rape capital

It is because of this fine storm that she has to bear the pain and refuse even though Hollywood has repeatedly thrown olive branches to her. After all, the suffering of being punished by many people is far more serious than we can imagine for a woman living in India.

On the red carpet of Cannes in 2004, she and Gong Li became the judges of the film festival, leaving us the most memorable classic scenes

It seems that every girl will meet a scum man in her life. Fortunately, asivaya met earlier.

A few years later, in 2006, she met her true son, the son of Indias Bollywood film emperor, abshek baqiang.

The baqiang family can be described as a powerful Indian family. Naturally, they are not careless about their sons marriage. According to the custom, fortune tellers call in fortune tellers. The fortune tellers say that the eight characters of the two people are very goodu2014u2014

Aisiwaya is too beautiful. From the perspective of Indian astrology, she belongs to Kefu phase, which will cause disaster to her first husband.

So in order to keep his son, the Bollywood film emperor put pressure on absek and wanted to break them up immediately.

No matter what the attitude of his family or the outside world, Abu Shek, who received a good education since childhood, has a firm will and always keeps a romantic relationship with aisiwaya.

He and his parents never clashed with each other and fought against superstition in silence (I suddenly felt that India had learned a lot from China, but it always made people feel like living in the Qing Dynasty).

Seeing that it was imperative for them to get married, the fortune teller asked aishwaya to have a wedding with Vishnu or banana tree, one of the three main Hindu gods, in order to break Kefus fate.

Abseks father ordered that isivaya must marry a banana tree before he could marry his son!

So, the first marriage of Indias first beauty was dedicated to the banana tree

Let me introduce you. This is my ex husband, Mr. banana tree. Dont laugh. Even today, its a common occurrence in India

She became fat after childbirth and was accused of treason

Aisiwaya married very happy, also did not stop working because of marriage, love career double harvest!

In 2011, she gave birth to a lovely daughter, and Kefu Ming broke down!

But did not expect because of postpartum fat, she was pushed to the center of public opinion again.

Because of her physique, she once became fat, and her appearance fell from goddess to aunt.

Aisiwaya, who is happy to be a new mother, has a swollen face

Some people once jokingly said that aishwaya ray, who had just been born, was promoted to Xie Dazu in India. But what Yuyan wants to say is that even the facial features of Xie Dazi are beautiful!

Indian netizens believe that it is aisiwayas duty to lose weight, and to be fat is like dereliction of duty

She is a Bollywood actress and has a responsibility to be slim and good-looking.

She had to follow the example of sister-in-law Bay and Angelina Jolie and recover within weeks after delivery.

The outside public opinion is almost one-sided, that she not only insults the title of Miss World, but also seriously affects the global perception of the beauty of India.

You cant see these womens sacrifices for their children, such as weight gain, edema and severe pregnancy reaction. What kind of ghost animal logic is this?

In this regard, aisiwaya, who has always been well-trained, lightly responded with a sentence: I enjoy being a mother very much..

She is a goddess, but she is also a mother

Public figures should pay attention to managing their own image, but they are being vilified and treacherous just because of their weight loss after childbirth - dont think its just a problem that will happen in India. In fact, even around us, this kind of malice is still common.

For example, Zhao Liying, who was ridiculed for having a baby, was out of shape..

Just because a few photos of pregnancy flowed out, some netizens ridiculed fat into a big mother..

Come on, this is the most natural look of a woman when shes giving birth to a new life, OK?

Its hard to imagine what theyre going throughu2014u2014

When sister Yuyan was pregnant with three babies in her family, her edema, back pain, frequent urination, and black spots all declined. She was so depressed in the middle of the night that she could not sleep.

However, you need to know that this is the result of the automatic adjustment of the female body for the fetus, and all the changes of the mother are for the health of the baby.

Who doesnt like to be beautiful, skin tight and slim?

Sister Yuyan doesnt ask others to feel the same way, but its not difficult to understand womens contribution, or at least to respect them?

But the discrimination chain of body is only part of it. Whats more terrible is the misunderstanding of women.

A husband from Zhihu was very dissatisfied and asked:

I go to work during the day, and I cant help at night. Why call me up?

Several times I wake up, call me up to accompany, children eat night milk frequently at night, I am really upset.

He was full of grievances and felt that his wife had deliberately embarrassed him, so he sent a post for help.

Fortunately, most netizens in this session are sober, and they are not soft hearted at all.

Call you up? Maybe its because youre her husband. Dont tell you to get up, do you want to call Lao Wang next door??

In fact, you cant help not only the breast feeding, but also the delivery of the wife, right? Dont you understand why you have to go to the hospital with the baby?

Since you cant help and you dont want to be with you, you still cant understand. What do you think of the word husband and wife?

You dont think you can help. Its illogical for her to ask you to get up. You think you should sleep on your own every day and leave the rest alone, right?

Of course, childbearing and breastfeeding are womens unique abilities, but this extraordinary hard work and effort requires understanding and help.

No child jumps out of a stone directly, nor can she walk and talk when she is born. Every woman has to pay a great price when she makes a choice for her career and family. Her figure is just the smallest part - and this is just a part of the sacrifice of women.

When Yu Yan was pregnant with my three sweet table meat, she gained a full 40 Jin, and now she eats as much as an ox every day during her lactation.

Lets go back to aishwaya.

After dieting and exercising, she quickly recovered to her former figure, which was deeply gratified by the Indian people.

During 2015-2016, she appeared in three films, and the rest of the time she was basically seeing her husband and daughter at home.

Every time she went out with her daughter in her arms, she was in such a good state that the media could no longer pick out the problem of her fatness.

Beauty is her luck, but life is in her own hands.

Asivaya, who is 47 years old this year, is actually not too frail in appearance except for being fat.

Beauty brings her luck, but she can only believe in hard work and endure.

After all, luck only determines when she will succeed, but it is a womans right and choice to live a solid life.

A womans life is destined to face countless choices and obstacles.

Maybe those discordant voices will continue to exist, but when you are tired, you might as well be like sister Yuyanu2014u2014

Turn on the computer, find the movie love and death in Bollywood, look at the breathtaking beauty of aishwaya, and think about her persistence in marrying a banana tree and being accused of treason and giving birth to a daughter. We are lucky.

We will feel that we have to work hard to make ourselves more independent and self-sufficient.

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