The football association will severely punish eight kinds of violation of discipline: diving, erect the middle finger and abusing the referee

 The football association will severely punish eight kinds of violation of discipline: diving, erect the middle finger and abusing the referee

One of the most remarkable, in addition to epidemic prevention, is to strengthen the management of discipline. Combined with the data of violations and disciplinary punishments in the past year, the Chinese Football Association, under the special competition system this year, focuses on the interpretation of eight violations.

As we all know, due to the epidemic situation, foreign referees can not enter the arena this year, and the Chinese Super League are all local referees. Therefore, the first thing the Football Association emphasizes is to respect the referees. Disciplinary declaration emphasizes that referees are judges on the field, and they can exercise their discretion based on the rules of football competition and according to the situation and experience on the field. The legitimacy of the power is protected by law. Players, coaches and bench officials are required to obey the judgment and personality of the referee on the field, and shall not infringe on their personal and discretion.

Discipline propaganda describes in detail several types of violence: first, the perpetrator is aiming at the ball, but accompanied by other peoples injury consequences, the harm is unpredictable; second, not to the ball, completely to people, intentionally hurt the opponents behavior, and caused certain injury consequences; third, refers to the game in the dead ball state The perpetrator intentionally or maliciously injures others with the mentality of revenge, seriously violates the spirit of sports morality, and violates the legal principles, which has constituted personal intentional injury (there are no defense reasons and conditions to hinder the legal norms); the fourth, accidental behavior refers to the unpredictable and uncontrollable behavior of the actor.

Discipline propaganda stressed that the second and third kinds of behavior must be prohibited on the football field, for the behavior regardless of other peoples health and personal safety, we must give strong condemnation and heavy punishment; for extreme violence and fighting in the field, we should deal with it according to the circumstances. Zero tolerance should be given to intentional and malicious harm to others body, and severe punishment should be given firmly.

Discipline propaganda stressed that due to the players age and identity is not true, resulting in false and chaotic registration information, with great harm, so for this kind of behavior, found one case, one case of punishment, must be severely punished, never palliative!

Disciplinary statement in particular stressed that spitting on referees is absolutely not allowed. In fact, about spitting, it is mentioned in the 2019 version of the China Football Association discipline guidelines: those who spit on opponents or others will be suspended or prohibited from entering the bench for six games and will be fined at least 60000 yuan; those who spit at the match officials will be suspended or banned from entering the bench for at least 12 months and fined at least 200000 yuan. However, insulting gestures emphasize the vertical middle finger. No matter whether it is intentional or unintentional or directed at anyone, as long as the vertical middle finger action is confirmed, it must be punished.

Tacit ball refers to in football and other sports competitions, under the following circumstances (including but not limited to), both sides make tacit results, and the final game ends with the score required by both parties: 1. The victory or defeat of the game has a great impact on one side, but no substantial impact on the other side. 2. One side of the competition needs to win in order to be promoted or saved, and the other side can be promoted or saved if the other side loses a small score. 3. Both sides of the game need to draw or draw with a certain score to be promoted or saved.

Tacit ball has the dual attributes of passive game and manipulating game. Under the principle of evidence priority, if there is no evidence to prove that the perpetrator is in order to obtain illegal interests such as economic income outside the game, it should belong to negative game. On the contrary, if the evidence is sufficient and conclusive, it should be regarded as manipulating the game and bear corresponding responsibility. As long as the facts are clear and the evidence is conclusive, the Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Football Association will resolutely deal with it seriously and never tolerate it.

The definition of diving is a kind of appearance that the perpetrator intentionally made innocent injury, injustice or excessive protection of rights and interests, suspected of fraud and affecting the judgment of the judge. Encourage the referee to use his power to punish the diving behavior.

Discipline propaganda stressed that this is a professional quality problem, we should not hypocritical football, advocate real football, pure football, clean football.

According to the Anti Doping regulations promulgated by the State Council and the general rules for doping control in sports issued by the State Council, the discipline propaganda clearly abides by the Anti Doping work policy of strictly forbidding, strictly inspecting and seriously handling, and resolutely cracking down on the illegal use of doping in football field.

Racial discrimination is a violation of international and domestic law, and we must attach great importance to it. For those who violate the rules, according to Article 66 of the discipline rules of China Football Association, both individuals and clubs will be dealt with seriously.

On the basis of emphasizing the discipline of competition, the Chinese Football Association also further requests to clarify the responsibilities of coaches and strengthen the management of clubs. Make clear the responsibilities and status of the top managers, team leaders and coaches, especially the general manager or chairman of the club is the first person responsible for the management of the club, and should take the lead to perform its main responsibilities and establish authority.

Reporter Cheng Shan reports

Dalian: according to the development of the epidemic situation and the Football Association, Tongza Harvey: even if it is an empty field, I will keep the gesture of shooting to celebrate the end of the isolation of Augusto Fernando and national security. This time people are really here. Source: football news editor in charge: Xu Song_ NS1943