The former wifes agent is in short supply to sell his house

 The former wifes agent is in short supply to sell his house

Carnegia, 53, and Mariana, 56, were once a loving couple who had been married for more than 30 years and had three children. But the couple broke up about two years ago, and then carnegia fell in love with Sophia Bonelli, a 27 year old model. However, after the divorce, carnegia and his ex-wife had a complicated and long-term legal dispute, and they still failed to complete the divorce property division, which means that if either of them needs to use the common property, it must be approved by the judge.

The trumpet newspaper pointed out that Mariana was in a very tight financial situation. She had no savings under her name and could only rely on her credit card under the name of caniglia. Mariana tried privately to sell an apartment in Miami, but was discovered by caniglia. Fernando Brando, carnegias lawyer, later warned that he could go to jail if he continued to do so.


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It would be a crime if she continued to sell the property, as the four room apartment is part of the joint property of the couple and neither party can sell it alone without the division being completed, the lawyer said. If she does, caniglia will sue. Under Argentine law, Mariana could face a month to six years in prison for fraud if she sold her property alone.

Carnegia and his ex-wife

In addition, the lawyer also asked Mariana not to publish any more slander and insulting remarks directed against kanijia and her girlfriend Sophia. For a long time, a lot of comments have been made in a very unfair way, and these unfair remarks have frustrated and disturbed kanijia. As an athlete and a good man, his image is very important, and Mariana tries to say something unimaginable

Carnegia and his current girlfriend

Carnegias girlfriend Sophia, who was originally a popular online model, was forced to set up her instagram as a private account in June this year because of too much criticism.

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