The washboard is on your knees! Zhang Guowei and popular sexy female stars frequently have sex with each other

 The washboard is on your knees! Zhang Guowei and popular sexy female stars frequently have sex with each other

Two days ago, Zhang released a video on social media that showed him kneeling in the rain. He was wet through the mud. Accompanied by me, I love her vigorous and most crazy music. I lost it. In the comment area, Xu Dongdong responded: one less washboard, and Zhang Guowei immediately said: come directly to durian..

Just a day later, Xu Dongdong did what she said. She released a video of picking durian in the supermarket, even kneeling on durian in the video. Zhang Guowei commented with a string of question marks, while the understanding netizens said, these two durian are for Zhang Guowei.

In fact, this is not the first time that the two have been so ambiguous. In addition to kneeling washboard, kneeling durian, both sides also used to call each other boss and bosss wife, and netizens also said frankly: this naked love comes from the nose.

At the beginning of this month, Zhang Guowei released a video of himself disguised as a little brother of takeout, and mentioned Xu Dongdong in his essay: boss, make noodles quickly, Im still waiting for delivery! Are you responsible for bad reviews? Then Zhang Guowei left a message on Xu Dongdongs home page: boss, two bowls of noodles. With meat, not cilantro. Xu Dongdong came to Zhang Guoweis home page and left a message: noodles are ready. Come and eat. Zhang Guoweis three touching expressions were answered on his homepage.

Before long, Xu Dongdong had celebrated Zhang Guoweis birthday, and the latter directly replied thank you Dongdong.. It is worth mentioning that Zhang Guowei used to refer to Xu Dongdong as elder sister, but this time he changed his name, which also led netizens to speculate that the relationship between them seemed to have gone further.

Xu Dongdong, who is known as the lady in law, once became popular because she played the role of sister-in-law in the drama of suspense crime network. However, she has a cheerful personality and is loved by many people, which is very similar to Zhang Guowei. As for the news that netizens speculate about love, the two have not responded positively at present.