Indias first gust will arrive soon

 Indias first gust will arrive soon

The first Rafale fighter Made by France for India

Indian pilots and ground crew have received comprehensive training in France last year, including the use of advanced weapon systems, an unnamed source said It is reported that the Rafale fighter will have the ability to cold start at high altitude bases, and will also be equipped with meteor over the horizon air-to-air missile.

The gust engine improvement measures were proposed for the gust fighter. The cold start of the engine refers to the start-up when the internal temperature is roughly the same as the ambient temperature. In the low-temperature and low-oxygen environment on the plateau, this capability can make the fighter start directly without preheating and shorten the time for emergency takeoff preparation.

Manmohan Bahadur, deputy director of the Indian air force force research center, said the arrival of the Rafale fighter will enhance the capabilities of the Indian air force. To be sure, it will take some time for the fighter to be integrated with other systems, and the Rafale will be put into use when the operational planners think it is appropriate, he said

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