Heart piercing! The house you bought in the past two years may be a five-star pit

 Heart piercing! The house you bought in the past two years may be a five-star pit

Together with Vanke, there are also two central enterprise developers, Sino ocean and zhaoshang Shekou.

This time, its not too big or too small.

Guangzhou Vanke Shangcheng hardbound house was exposed to leak into a water curtain hole, while the Hangzhou Chunqiu Huating jointly developed by Sino ocean and zhaoshang Shekou was accused of adopting the forced house collection mode of inspection, collection and maintenance. Subsequently, a series of problems such as black floor, water leakage in toilet and gas leakage were exposed by the owners.

Due to the exposure of March 15 evening party, Guangzhou Vanke was interviewed by Guangdong Provincial Consumer Committee the next day. At the interview, Guangdong Provincial Consumer Committee further understood the quality and safety of the exposed buildings and the rectification situation, and put forward five supervision opinions and specific requirements for Guangzhou Vanke.

Vanke is the big brother in the real estate industry, occupying the top three position in the national sales scale for a long time; in the first half of this year, China Merchants Shekou ranked top 10 in the national sales list of real estate enterprises for the first time; although COSCO did not value speed, it also broke through the scale of 100 billion yuan in 2018. They are not guerrillas who change one shot for another, but real industry regular army.

Even if the housing giant, the quality of the industry is still a problem.

Are these problems only for Vanke and investment promotion?

Im afraid its far more than that. The content exposed by CCTVs party is just the tip of the iceberg..

The house is more and more expensive, the quality is worse and worse

There was wall falling: in August last year, after the local heavy rainfall, the insulation layer of the external wall of a building in changyiyuan District, Dongba District, Chaoyang District, Beijing fell off, covering an area of 600 square meters, causing 27 motor vehicles to be damaged.

There are collapses: at the end of 2018, a large-scale collapse occurred in the parking area of a building under construction in Zhongshan, Guangdong, with a pit of 2000 square meters. In March, a hotel collapsed in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, killing 29 people. At the time of the incident, the hotel was the centralized isolation health observation point for foreign personnel in the prevention and control of Xinguan epidemic in Licheng District.

Cracks: Recently, there are cracks in the walls of more than 50 owners homes from the 1st to 18th floors in a residential area of Gaoyou, Yangzhou. The houses were handed in in in 2016, and the owners stayed for only three years.

There are reduced allocation: in mid November last year, after the delivery of a commercial housing project in Changsha, Hunan Province, the owner found that the artificial lake in the community was actually pasted with blue plastic.

Other problems such as water leakage, wall water seepage, elevator safety and quality are also dazzling. In contrast, false advertising, delayed delivery and other frequent problems of owners rights protection can only be regarded as a little bit of a witch.

Li Jun, chairman and general manager of Lucheng real estate construction management group Co., Ltd., predicted two years ago that the situation forced developers to carry out fast turnover, control costs and lower standards, and the housing quality was getting worse and worse, the next year or so may usher in the peak period of complaints and rights protection in Chinas real estate industry..

This prediction seems to be constantly being tested. Wuhan and Zhengzhou real estate market in recent years, a large number of newly delivered real estate rights protection. Some people in the industry said that once almost reached the level of all inventory rights are protected and delivery will safeguard rights. Some netizens exposed that recently many real estate projects in Chongqing have been handed in one after another, but few of them can be qualified for delivery, and disputes between owners and developers continue.

Why are there so many problems when you buy a house at a high price?

Only when the tide is low will we know who is swimming naked, he once said.

Since the new round of regulation and control of the property market in 2017, Chinas property market has continued to cool down, and the pace of rising house prices in many places has slowed down significantly. Some cities have entered a state of horizontal market and are no longer enthusiastic in the past.

In this context, on the one hand, in order to reduce the cost and speed up, developers choose to reduce the standard or reduce the allocation; on the other hand, the tolerance of the property buyers for the developers reduced allocation and wrong version has been reduced, which eventually leads to continuous disputes on the delivery quality of real estate.

Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real estate, believes that in recent years, quality problems of real estate have become a common phenomenon, which is the evil result of the rapid turnover of the whole industry. Under the policy of reducing the price of new houses, especially the price of new houses, the cost of delivery will be reduced. The quality of housing delivered in recent years may be the worst in history, and there may be more such disputes in the future.

In the past few decades, the high turnover development model (rapid start-up, rapid construction and rapid sales) has enabled high debt real estate enterprises to quickly withdraw funds, guarantee cash flow and avoid debt repayment crisis. The result is the rapid expansion of the scale of real estate enterprises, ranking higher and higher, and continuous profits.

But thats not good news for home buyers. Take the 456 mode of country garden, which is highly controversial in the industry, as an example: it takes 4 months to open the market, 5 months to return the funds, and 6 months to re circulate the funds. With such a rapid construction speed, some enterprises still hope to further reduce the construction, which will inevitably violate the construction law and lead to quality problems.

In addition to high turnover, local price limit policy is also regarded as the fuse of frequent housing quality problems.

But under the regulation and control price limit, if the house is built according to the past cost, the developer will not have much profit. Therefore, some real estate enterprises increase their profit space by binding parking spaces and fine decoration, while others reduce costs by reducing the allocation of houses, such as reducing the strength of steel bars, secondary cement grades, changing stone materials to paint, and so on. It is not easy to see the appearance of this reduced configuration, but often a heavy rain makes the house the original shape.

How to buy a house of poor quality?

Wang Yuchen, director of Beijing Golden law firm, told China news agency that the strategy adopted for different quality problems is different.

For more serious quality problems, such as bearing wall and other major structure problems, or other serious problems affecting the normal living, the owner can choose to check out according to the situation, or choose to ask for corresponding maintenance and compensation.

For example: the exterior wall waterproof is not well done, which leads to indoor water leakage, water seepage, serious mildew and even cracking of the wall, so it is necessary to make a new waterproof layer. In this case, the house can be refused to be taken back, and the house can be taken back after rectification.

If it is a general quality problem, such as the crack of the skirting line, the door crack is too big, the wall has cracks, etc., the developer can be required to carry out maintenance, but also can refuse to accept the house according to the situation, and ask for compensation or compensation.

Wang Yuchen pointed out that no matter what method is adopted, we must first pay attention to do a good job in obtaining evidence. For example, we must carefully inspect the house before taking it in. We should record the quality problems on the receipt in detail, and require the docking personnel at that time to sign for confirmation. At the same time, we should keep a copy as evidence.

If any problem is found, it is necessary to take photos and record in time, and require the developer to fulfill the corresponding obligations through a written letter. When sending a written letter, make sure to collect evidence, send it by EMS, and clearly write the mailing content on the mailing list.

Secondly, we should pay attention to protect the scene. If you receive a blank room, when you find a serious quality problem, its better not to decorate immediately to avoid unclear responsibility in the future. Third, be sure to pay attention to the warranty period. Commercial housing has a warranty period, many parts are only 2 years. If you dont put forward and ask for repair in time, once the time limit has passed, it may be very troublesome to negotiate again. Fourth, when necessary, we can ask a third-party professional organization to identify quality problems. In addition, in view of some wrong version of goods and false publicity of developers, Wang Yuchen also suggested that evidence should be obtained first. Collect original publicity materials as much as possible, such as photos or videos of sample rooms, sand tables, house type drawings, effect drawings and communication records with sales personnel. At the same time, we can put forward to the market supervision department the illegal investigation and punishment of false propaganda, and the illegal investigation and punishment of fraudulent sales to the housing and construction department. After that, they can also file civil claims. Source: Guoshi through train editor: Yang Bin_ NF4368

Secondly, we should pay attention to protect the scene. It is better to avoid serious problems in the future when the quality of the house is not known.