Change your face, too? As soon as it said it would not ban France, it was revealed that Huawei was banned in disguise

 Change your face, too? As soon as it said it would not ban France, it was revealed that Huawei was banned in disguise

French finance minister said Huawei will not be banned from investing in France, Reuters reported Monday

On the 22nd, Reuters reported that Frances restrictions actually prohibited the use of Huaweis 5g equipment before 2028.

Due to the different period of validity of license issued by different regions in France, French telecom operators have to apply for dozens of equipment licenses to cover different parts of the country. Most of the countrys big city operators have been informed of the new network security regulations.

The French governments license to Huaweis equipment is usually only valid for three to five years, while Ericssons and Nokias are valid for eight years. Although French operators may still obtain eight year licenses for Huaweis equipment under special circumstances, they will eventually have to dismantle them after the eight-year license expires due to failure to obtain renewal, which means Huaweis equipment will be gradually excluded from the construction of 5g network in France before 2028, Reuters said.

Reuters revealed that Frances national network security agency is also advising operators to avoid using Huawei 5g equipment to avoid the trouble of replacing equipment after the license expires.

Echo in the report on the 22nd, the move is actually implicit refusal.. From an economic point of view, the service life of a telecommunication network is at least 15 years, and it is difficult for telecom operators to change equipment suppliers during this period, the report said.

Huawei has a certain share of the telecom equipment in France. About half of the mobile network equipment of Bouygues Telecom and SFR, two of Frances top four telecom operators, are made by Huawei.

Huawei equipment has been used in the 4G mobile networks of the two companies, while the new license for 5g devices involves existing mobile networks, Reuters reported. This means that if the two French telecom companies choose 5g equipment from other suppliers, they will have to replace the existing 4G mobile network infrastructure. Once the two companies are forced to replace the existing networks many times this year, the government has to offer compensation at a high cost.

On the 14th of this month, the UK has made it clear that operators will be banned from buying Huawei 5g equipment from December 31 this year, and all existing Huawei 5g equipment will be removed by 2027.

Reuters quoted people familiar with the situation as saying that Frances position is similar to that of the UK, but the two governments have different expressions.

Currently, in other European countries, Telecom Italia, the Italian telecom operator, has rejected Huawei from bidding for 5g core equipment in Italy and Brazil. However, Luigi de vecchis, Huaweis Italian president, said on the 20th that, unlike the political decision of the UK, the Italian Telecoms decision was commercial.

On July 16, the Federal Bureau of construction of Huawei said it had no reason to rule out the situation ahead of schedule.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian pointed out on June 6 that China has always believed that 5g technology is a cutting-edge, leading and platform technology of the fourth industrial revolution. Under the tide of globalization, the development and utilization of 5g will be the process and product of negotiation, co construction and sharing by all countries.

In response to bopals not encouraging the use of Huawei, Zhao Lijian stressed that the French government has repeatedly publicly stated that it would not take discriminatory measures against specific countries or enterprises on the 5g issue, let alone exclude Huawei. He expressed the hope that the French side can uphold an objective and fair attitude, respect the market rules and the will of enterprises, independently make choices that are in line with their own interests, and provide an open, fair, just and non discriminatory business environment for enterprises of various countries, including Chinese enterprises, with practical actions.

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