How wonderful is the program that can let Park Shu renew his contract voluntarily? After watching it, he said it was amazing

 How wonderful is the program that can let Park Shu renew his contract voluntarily? After watching it, he said it was amazing

The broadcast of the two-week episode scored 8.7, the highest score since the children of tomorrow held four seasons.

After Han Zongs super band became popular, there have been band shows such as band together and our band on the market, but the results are not satisfactory.

After the son of tomorrow bought the copyright of super band, it was reinterpreted.

Instead of positioning the program as God or show off skills, the program integrates the theme of hot blooded universities, turning the venue into a classroom, emphasizing youth, friendship, dream, cooperation and blood.

Even the propaganda photos and theme song are all in Japanese style.

Product this slogan: there is a group of partners more romantic than anything, energetic and pressing.

In terms of tutors, tomorrow 4 abandoned the star pushing official mode of the past three quarters and replaced it with a six member teacher group.

Teaching director: Liang Long

Professor of instrumental music: Lang Lang

Singing teacher: Deng Ziqi

Internship teacher: Ouyang Nana

Trainee teacher: Zhou Zhennan

Visiting professor: Park Shu

The tutors are very gentle. They can point out the problems and encourage the players.

Lang Lang specially recruited international tenor singers for distance teaching.

He is very good at finding out the advantages of the players, and he is also an expert at controlling the field.

Ouyang Nana and Cello players one-on-one teaching, precise guidance.

Park Shu, who originally signed only two primary selections, chose to renew his contract for the whole season after recording.

In the program, he often smiles and looks at the players with light in their eyes and clear and bright eyes.

It can be seen that they really like this group of teenagers playing music.

Sitting around with the players, theres no tutors frame at all.

The words to the players are also very sincere, natural and comfortable.

Rock godmother Liang Long not only has eye-catching makeup

I am very moved to see the players playing suona

Twenty years ago, no one looked at me at all. They said I was fake rock.

Zhou Zhennan, a trainee teacher, can also express his own point of view.

At present, there is a high proportion of double cooked pork in the draft on the market.

Tomorrows son 4 finds out where the audiences visual fatigue lies and goes the opposite way.

In addition to Liao Juntao and he Junxiong, there are also Hu Yutong, Ma Tianyuan and Xiao Zhi who participated in the lets band together. They are almost all plain people.

These ordinary players bring a very strong sense of freshness.

For example, Yan Yongqiang, the younger brother of Suona, was adapted from the roar of exo.

When asked which song is not well integrated with suona in the market, Yan Yongqiang replied:

Teacher, can you remember a song you dont like?

He was admitted to Shanghai Conservatory of music with the first professional score, and his professional ability was not enough. But the younger brother is very modest, only said that he is lucky.

The spectre, adapted from Alan Walkers primary, drives the whole dance.

He should have achieved more than five stars, but Yan Yongqiang said:

The timbre of Suona is domineering. It is hoped that others will choose him and not give pressure to other players.

However, he also stressed that he must be the strongest person who dares to choose him.

Its too flattering to be humble or arrogant.

Milk drag younger brother Yang Runze, there is a drag force on the body, confidently crooked smile.

No matter how high the level is, faner will certainly do enough.

Whats more, its funny that he didnt drag it.

Listening to touching songs, or crying because other players are eliminated, it makes people see his lovely side.

Smiling drummer Ju Yiming, park Shus favorite player.

The son of Pu Xuan, he is very good at playing drums, creative and good at typhoon.

Park Shu Si made no secret of her old father mentality and sent him to Cuba if she loved him.

Although he was born in 2003 and is still under 18 years old this year, Ju Yiming has grown to 1.93 meters.

Its like this when you stand with other players.

Zhang Jiayuan, Lai Guanlin, northeast Fenlin, the appearance of small fresh, mouth a big ballast taste.

When you come to the program, you are concerned about:

What will I eat when I go? Who will pay for the fare?

He is accurate in positioning himself. He mocks himself at his skill max, when fman, I dont deserve it..

Because of her eloquence, she has become a gold medal mediator for tomorrows son, responsible for mediating conflicts among quarreling players.

Haramuji, the only student of Humai major in the history of the Central University for nationalities.

No younger martial brother, very lonely.

Seriously suspected that he came to the program to recruit students for the school.

And Wang Jiangyuan, who plays the violin bow and guitar

Hu Yutong, self welding drum and ppt

Model man Yang Yingge

Yang Qianye, a drummer who likes to read poems in front of the camera

Zhang Min, who named his neighbor with fruit

It has to be said that the image building of tomorrows son 4 is very successful. Half of the contestants can be remembered after the two programs.

These young players speak directly and show their emotions. Some of them even dont know the height of the earth and are inexplicably confident.

Others often feel confused and reflect on their own ability.

They are aggressive and do not give in

Also help each other, play together

In them, we can see a strong sense of youth, a trace of raw, but also a trace of mindless recklessness, but more is happiness and the drive to get together to achieve the same goal.

For the audience, watching the interaction of these ordinary teenagers is just like watching the sand sculpture boys in the class. Its really fun.

Because the competition system requires that the first round of public performance is composed of players in pairs, this kind of picture inevitably appears.

Would you like to join my band?

I will.

The atmosphere is inexplicably sweet, how to return a responsibility?

It doesnt matter if the election is rejected, if its not enough once, then twice

Are you doing idol drama?

Of course, there is also the most bloody two men fighting for one man, the drama of bamboo horse vs. Tianjiang.

Two rapper Zhao Ke and Liang Guohao launched a contest around the smiling drummer Ju Yiming.

Zhao Ke, who performed first, made it clear that she wanted Ju Yiming and her partner.

Because the two had known each other for a long time, Ju Yiming agreed to form a team without hesitation.

Rainbow Liang Guohao watched his favorite player be selected and left. He wanted to cry without tears.

Fortunately, his mentality is very good, although the team is hopeless, he still hopes to have an impromptu cooperation with Ju Yiming, which is also a dream come true.

(there are one saying one thing. Its better to cooperate with Mr. Ju. I hope they can have a chance to play together again.)

Old father Park Shu is not optimistic about Zhao Ke & Ju Yimings team.

Zhou Zhennan also asked Ju Yiming if he would regret choosing Zhao Ke too early. However, he insisted on it.

However, the running in is not good after the two people really form a team, and there is often friction on the music concept.

Ju Yiming is so angry that he goes to the living room alone and goes to Liao Juntaos room for help.

Fortunately, Ke Gu Ming Xin was finally reunited, and Yigongs performance also won.

In the process of selecting people from the two gongs, Ju Yiming is about to form a team with suona younger brother Yongqiang.

Bully Ju always made a famous saying, strange CP to continue to increase.

The movie of three people is exciting enough.

Jinjiang male master Hu Yutongs appearance is more high-energy in every frame.

After winning 6 stars, drummer Hu Yutong has the right to choose twice.

First of all, he made a declaration to Ma touqin

When you get in my car, I wont let you down.

Ma touqins younger brother covered his face shyly and then refused him

Next, President Hu began to recall the past. Once his band had a cello. He was rather nostalgic and wanted to form another band with cello.

So he began to attack the cellist Ren yinpeng.

Ren yinpeng was stiff and at a loss.

Hu Yutong promise, what style to play in the future, which team members, you decide!

Is there a feel for handing in a pay card

The cellist Peng Peng was very introverted and was not good at words. He stopped several times in a short paragraph.

Finally, Peng Peng said that he would work with Hu Yutong in the future. He had found a lead singer, Wu Xing, for their future band. Now he can only find him first.

And now, no matter what the tutor is

Or students, all around watching the drama.

After two unsuccessful candidates, Hu Yutong was forced to lose the game and needed to find a partner within 20 minutes.

What do you like about him? You tell me.

Hu Yutong finds the lead singer Wu Xing,

My Cello says you are the lead singer in my heart. Do you know that?

Listen to the word My Cello..

As a result, Hu Yutong was still politely refused by the two people, seeing that the time was coming.

At this time, Tian Hongjie, a player who had not spoken, suddenly stopped him.

Im not that strong, but I will try my best to be the best.

The sincere and eager eyes finally moved Hu Yutong, universe Honghuang hand in hand to succeed.

In a few minutes, Hu Yutong and a number of contestants performed a classic section of Jinjiang literature.

Of course, these interactive players are not intentional.

However, the direct communication among young people always brings sparks. From another perspective, this is the embryonic form of partner and team.

Tomorrows son 4 has a smooth rhythm and interesting enough, but it also has many disadvantages.

The most urgent problem is radio.

In the program, the bass playing part and the drum recording are not very clear. Some groups are not good enough in the live reverberation debugging during the performance. The radio effect of super band is really poor.

Although CP is addictive, the audience still wants to see high-quality stage performance in the end. Only when the song is good and the stage is good, can it go longer.

Looking forward to the final 5-man band, can bring us surprise.

To tell you the secret, if you dont broadcast the summer of the band, it will be the autumn of the [email protected]

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