Beidian Haiqing: Mom is happy when she thinks about it

 Beidian Haiqing: Mom is happy when she thinks about it

Expression pack in Haiqing drama

Chat record between haiqingsun and Zhou Qi

Netizens tease little joy

Netease Entertainment reported on July 23, the national arts examination was released one after another, and the ranking results of Beijing Film Academy were announced. Zhang Zifeng ranked third in the country, Liu Jiayi (Lin Leier) ranked eighth in China, and Zhou Qi (Fang Yifan) ranked ninth in China. Later, Hai Qing, who plays Tong Wenjie in little joy, released the expression bag of mom is happy when she thinks about it, and excitedly wrote: congratulations to my daughter, son, nephew on winning the title! Ha ha ha ha. After a class, my mother is happy to think about it. Supervise each other. Freshmen are not allowed to fall in love, right? And Huang Lei, who plays her husband in the at play.

Haiqing also published a chat record with Zhou Qi, the actor of Fang Yifan in little joy. When he learned about his sons achievements, he said happily: Congratulations, Im so happy. Fang Yifan, you are my younger brother now.. Later, Zhou Qi responded: Hello, maam, elder martial sister. Haiqing also happily called his new name: Hello, younger martial brother..

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Zhang longer_ NBJS11351