Japanese media chose shingaki as the first female star who wants to date online

 Japanese media chose shingaki as the first female star who wants to date online

No. 2 bentianyi

Third place: rimei Ishihara

Netizens aged 15 to 69 were invited to participate in the voting. Among them, Xinyuan Jieyi, the actress who wanted to date most, won the first place among the female stars who most want to date online, according to Japanese media reports Tian Yi and Ishihara rimei, in the mens list Sato won the championship.

Among them, the female star who most wants to date online is selected by male netizens. The first one is shingaki kikui, who plays the heroine Yayu Naganos mother in the Japanese TV series the white book of the girl slaves youth which was broadcast on August 2. Although she is already the mother in the Japanese drama, she cant feel her age at all. She is very young and cute, and many netizens think she is beautiful Its cute, and its happier to date face-to-face.

The second place is the first challenge to host the TBS variety show love son every night and every night of Zhongju Dafu and Honda wing, which was launched in July. The third place was rimei Ishihara, who starred in Fuji Taiwans Japanese drama Cinderella silently dedicated to the prescription of hospital pharmacists ~.

Ling Saiyao, who starred in the film wife, please handle with care and the film I am a big brother!! u300bKei Hashimoto tied for fourth place. In the sixth place were Sasaki Sasaki and Kenko Yamada, the eighth was Yoshioka Lifan and Yoshimura, and the tenth was Hirose Suzuki and Hamachi Meibo.

Among the male stars who most want to date online, the top three are Sato Kenji, Saito Gong and Yokohama meteor; the fourth is Takeuchi Liangzhen and Nakamura Lunya; the sixth is Takahashi, Yamashita Zhijiu and zhizunchun; and the ninth is Yamasaki sage, Kanda Jianghui, xiaolishuo, akishijia Akira and xingyeyuan.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Zhang longer_ NBJS11351