Bloomberg: COMAC now has a good opportunity to narrow the distance with Boeing and Airbus

 Bloomberg: COMAC now has a good opportunity to narrow the distance with Boeing and Airbus

According to an analysis article written by the US financial media on July 23, the commercial aircraft company of China (hereinafter referred to as COMAC) has seen a breakthrough opportunity in the face of the current world situation and industry situation, and is expected to narrow the gap with Boeing and Airbus, the two aviation giants.

Due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, such as restrictions on travel, blockade and isolation, the global aviation industry inevitably suffered a great impact. Even the large aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus were not optimistic about their financial position.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia may be a factor in dramatically changing the competitive environment of the industry, Robert Spingan, an analyst at CreditSuisseGroupAG, said. Some companies are busy getting rid of the difficulties, and some other less stressed companies may be able to make a difference. RobertSpingarn

At present, most airlines are taking measures to cut costs and lay off employees, according to the news agency.

Airbus suffered a zero order in June, the third month of the year when it did not acquire new business. Airbus now plans to cut 15000 jobs, or 11% of its workforce. Guillaume faury, Airbuss chief executive, warned in April that the company was facing cash flight.

Boeings situation is even worse. In May, the company announced that it would lay off more than 6700 people. Boeing lost more than 600 orders in the first five months of this year because of safety problems and epidemic situation of Boeing 737max. On April 25th, Boeing also announced that it had terminated a $4.2 billion deal with Embraer, a Brazilian aircraft maker.

However, George Ferguson, an intelligence analyst at Bloomberg, said: while other companies are cutting back, companies like COMAC, which have a lot of government money, can now move forward.

At present, ARJ21 is the only model operated by COMAC, which can carry up to 90 passengers. On July 10, Air Chinas newly introduced ARJ21-700 new turbofan regional airliner, ca1109, flew from Beijing Capital International Airport to Xilinhot airport, successfully completed the first flight mission and officially put into operation.

Previously, only Chengdu airlines, Tianjiao airlines and other companies operated ARJ21 aircraft. But in June this year, COMAC delivered ARJ21 aircraft to Air China International, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines for the first time. The three major airlines will receive a total of 105 aircraft by 2024. In addition, China Airlines has signed an agreement with COMAC to introduce and operate 100 ARJ21-700 and C919 aircraft from 2020.

According to the forecast report released by COMAC in 2018, Chinas commercial aircraft market will be in strong demand in the next 20 years. China is expected to deliver 9008 passenger aircraft, worth about $1.3 trillion.

However, COMAC is also facing certain challenges. Some people believe that Chinas aerospace products have not been certified outside the country; others believe that the epidemic will lead to a slow recovery of international air travel, and many airlines have no time to sell their surplus airplanes, and aircraft sales will be more difficult.

However, compared with the United States, at least the epidemic situation in China has been basically controlled, and there are some signs of recovery in Chinas domestic airlines.

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