Kejian supply chain Yunzhu helaomian creates first-class food materials

 Kejian supply chain Yunzhu helaomian creates first-class food materials

In order to create a super first-class high-quality food products, Hefu Laomian has built a three-level storage structure of Rugao factory warehouse / Shanghai general warehouse + provincial front-end warehouse + store terminal warehouse. The central factory with an area of 15000 square meters, nationwide cold chain distribution, ERP and e-commerce OMS systems support the offline chain store business and e-commerce business (including flagship stores of major platforms and wechat merchants) City, etc.). However, due to the lack of supply chain system, the warehouse management of Hetu Laomian is still in manual management state, which is difficult to support the companys current business needs and restrict the companys long-term development plan. Therefore, with the help of Kejians rich experience in new retail, FMCG, supermarket and other industries, Hefu Laomian hopes to provide continuous improvement and promotion for its supply chain management.

Through the integration with the order management OMS system, Kejian WMS cloud will integrate orders from ERP, e-commerce system and store POS in real time, integrate the requirements, realize the informatization of warehouse management, meet the rapid development needs of the e-commerce business of Hefu Laomian, and support the offline store business.

Hefu noodles, Chinese flavor.. The long-term goal of the supply chain management of Hefu Laomian is to realize the digitalization of supply chain management through the informatization of three-level warehouse management, and finally realize the scientific supply chain prediction and planning by combining the online and offline business data. In the future, Kejian will carry out long-term cooperation with Hefu Laomian to better serve the development goal of rooting in Chinese culture and expanding global layout of Hefu Laomian.

About Kejian

Shanghai Kejian Software Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. As a supply chain cloud service provider, it is committed to helping enterprises build a more agile, more efficient and more intelligent digital supply chain network and realize the visualization of the whole supply chain process. Kejian supply chain management cloud platform powerscmcloud is a cloud solution integrating order management (OMS cloud), transportation management (TMS cloud), warehouse management (WMS cloud), reservation management (AMS cloud) and supply chain control tower (SCCT). Since 2019, Kejian and Huazhong University of science and technology - Operations Research optimization and artificial intelligence laboratory have established Ai Joint Laboratory to develop and implement AI products and services in supply chain scenarios such as vehicle routing optimization, packing optimization, inventory and network optimization, and demand forecasting optimization.

Kejian integrates cloud computing, mobile, social networking, big data and consumer product design technology, focusing on retail, consumer goods, medicine, automobile, manufacturing and logistics industries, so as to make users use more convenient, make management decisions more intelligent, and make enterprise connection more smooth, so as to help customers realize investment return quickly.