Pudong Airport 777 cargo plane burned through, can repair?

 Pudong Airport 777 cargo plane burned through, can repair?

Dont doubt that the airport fire fighting is ineffective. The administrative capacity of Shanghai is very efficient.

Back to the damage itself, this time the aircraft near the top structure has been burned through, and the burn through area is still relatively large. In addition, the middle part of the aircraft was also burned through. Therefore, from the video and pictures, the fuselage structure of the aircraft is seriously damaged, which is likely to be scrapped.

The damage area of the aircraft is in the rear half of the fuselage. If Ethiopia Airlines contacts Boeing for maintenance plan, it is estimated that it needs to replace almost the whole rear half of the fuselage, and even add the tail stabilizer. Moreover, if the tail flight control, hydraulic pressure and APU are damaged, the replacement cost will be even higher, which will cost a lot of money and time. Moreover, the structural strength of the aircraft needs to be carefully evaluated by Boeing, so the possibility of maintenance is relatively small.

Information of the 777 aircraft on fire: model: 777 pure cargo aircraft, registration number: et-arh, aircraft age: more than 5 years.

According to online news, when the fire was found, the crew members still called Mayday, Mayday, Mayday in the frequency, not knowing whether it was true or not. But if the crew found out, the heart must be very anxious, certainly hope to keep the plane.

At present, the Civil Aviation Administration has launched an investigation, waiting for the official investigation, do not query the cause of the accident.

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