Mortal wind rises in the south of the sky reveals the ending of the Movie MV segment aojuan interprets the fairy fate of every heart

 Mortal wind rises in the south of the sky reveals the ending of the Movie MV segment aojuan interprets the fairy fate of every heart

Netease Entertainment reported on July 23 that the CG animation series mortal wind rises in the South CO produced by bilibilibili, cat film, world wide cat animation, Yuewen group and force animation, adapted from the novel mortal Xiuxian Zhuan written by Baijin God forgetting words on Chinese website, today released the final song extraordinary and the same name MV, which was performed by Duan aojuan, a former rocket girl member. The fairy song is a story of Han Lis complex state of mind when he is separated from his relatives and friends and embarks on the road of cultivation alone.

Duan aojuan sings affectionately, with an ethereal voice, which perfectly interprets the fairyland

The final song is performed by Duan aojuan, a former rocket girl 101 member. Duans voice has always been praised as ethereal and clear, just like the sounds of nature. It can be said that it fits perfectly with the immortal world of mortals. Different from the impassioned opening song extraordinary, the ending song mortal shows more Han Lis mood transformation from ordinary to strong, as the lyrics say: half a lifetime, dont ask about the past, wish this hands can also pick off the stars. Han Li put aside the past and stepped into the complex state of mind of Xianmen, which was sung by Duan ojuan, accompanied by the MV farewell to his parents, children and sisters, alone Since embarking on the journey, the picture can be described as dreamlike and immortal, which makes people cant help but enter the world of practice full of adventure and adventure, regret and joy. After the release of the MV, Duan aojuan also said on her microblog: Im very happy to be able to sing the final song for the mortal Fengqi Tiannan. I hope more fans can experience this mysterious world of immortal swordsmen..

A long song about a stream of people

Network literature is a pearl of Chinas cultural industry. In recent years, many film and television works adapted from network literature have been highly successful. The biography of mortal cultivation is also highly expected by many people. It ranks second in the 2018 cat film u00b7 Hurun original literature IP value list. This is not only because it is the beginning of the stream of mortals, but also because it is the enlightenment and youth of many people memory. Some of them dare to face the challenges of life because of it. Some of them have regained their confidence in life. It is hard to imagine that a novel can have such great energy and influence. It is for this reason that, whether it is a game or a movie, the news of the adaptation of mortal Xiuxian Zhuan has attracted great attention from the fans and the industry. The animation drama mortal wind rises in the South is the first film and television version of mortal Xiuxian Zhuan, which attracts more and more attention. In order to fully show the charm of the original novel, the producers of world wide cat and force animation take the sense of reality as the goal. In the animation, not only the bricks and trees, but also the grass and stone are scanned from the reality, which is extremely lifelike. The modeling of the characters does not fall into the stereotype of European style red face. It has a unique Oriental aesthetic feeling.

The first season of the animated series mortals in the South will be broadcast on BiliBili platform on July 25.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020