Deep space will make its debut at first film festival and burn science fiction

 Deep space will make its debut at first film festival and burn science fiction

Spirit of science and technology and mystery of deep space star ship attacking in space

The pilot trailer of the full sail version reveals the deep space plan of human migration in the film, which narrates we are the earths colonial ship Kunlun Mountain, the human colonial ship with hope, and our mission is to reach the other shore. In the fierce battle scene, a mysterious voice warned: you really dont know about this deep space, which seems to indicate that the deep space colonial trip is full of crisis. Where does the sound of warning come from? Who attacked the Kunlun mountain? The suspicious groups left in the unknown road make people curious about the story.

The pilot Poster Released in the same period shows that the giant ship Kunlun Mountain is ready to launch, and two tiny human figures are running towards it. The picture is full of a mixture of sense of technology and mystery, and also implies the thinking put forward by the film: in front of the vast and unknown deep space, what can such a tiny human race compete with?

There is more than one mode of science fiction film, and the Chinese local science fiction film just started deserves more exploration. It is understood that compared with the more familiar Hollywood blockbuster type of science fiction films, the film deep space is brave to explore a young creators adventure road to challenge science fiction themes. When Wang Renchao, the director of micro image culture, launched the film in 2017, he decided on the creative idea of low cost and high concept. They believe that not every director who wants to challenge science fiction can get enough funds and resources, but Chinas science fiction needs to keep trying in different directions in a relay way, just as in movies, even if human beings will pay the price, they still have to go all out to explore the unknown deep space, because only in this way can we continue the fire.

The only sci-fi film in the first industry exhibition was favored by two major film festivals

The space science fiction film deep space is produced by micro image culture, and jointly produced by Tang De film, golden image and Jingwei film. It will meet the audience in 2020.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020