India develops domestic 5g? Nokia Ericsson parts assembly

 India develops domestic 5g? Nokia Ericsson parts assembly

According to media reports, the core components and systems of Indias 5g technology are all products of overseas communication equipment companies. After Indias purchase and return to China, they will assemble them at home, and some non core components made in China will also be inserted. At present, the nationalist sentiment in India is rising, and the news of Ambani is just in time.

Industry insiders said that the value of assembly should not be underestimated, because assembly also requires technical content. India can insert some domestic parts in the assembly, and these parts have their own value, but they are within its power, not the core parts.

For the future of Indias 5g system, it is generally believed that India will take the road of assembly for a long time in the future, and it is difficult to develop independently. Therefore, in the final analysis, the core of Indias 5g equipment is still provided by Nokia and Ericsson. If you purchase 5g equipment from India, India will play the role of a subcontractor to earn channel fees.

It is reported that Indian telecom companies are indeed expanding overseas and have a certain market share in African countries. But instead of using Indian technology, these Indian companies are purchasing globally and using their channels to develop locally.

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