Is Fan Bingbing, 39, suspected to be reunited with Li Chen? It turns out that not all of the same sweet feelings can be shared

 Is Fan Bingbing, 39, suspected to be reunited with Li Chen? It turns out that not all of the same sweet feelings can be shared

Last week, Fan Bingbing, the topic of the evening party, also went on a hot search. The reason is that wanghongwanwan posted a group photo of herself on her microblog, which she had refined, and Fan Bingbing had no face.

Fan Bingbings two dynamic causes heated discussion.

Some netizens denounced that its not good to disclose the unpublished shooting materials in advance, isnt it?

Some netizens said that Fan Bingbings recent state does not look very good, is very worried.

There are also some netizens said that Fan Bingbing, who hasnt appeared for a long time, has recently appeared frequently

When it comes to Fan Bingbing, she has experienced ups and downs, from a goddess who is famous in the entertainment industry to two years ago, she and her studio were no longer accepted by the public because they violated the law.

This once brilliant Queen was suddenly lonely and naturally suffered a blow.

From little transparency to topic Queen

Fan Bingbing, who was born in Qingdao, Shandong Province in 1981, left his hometown alone and came to Shanghai since he was 15 years old.

However, among Qiongyaos three golden flowers, Fan Bingbing is far from the fame of Zhao Wei and Lin Xinru because of her role.

At that time, Fan Bingbing didnt act like Zhao Wei and Lin Xinru in aunt Qiongyaos happy old house and deep love and rain. On the contrary, she disappeared and had no chance to act.

Also relying on this film, let her take off the hundred flowers film, acting skills are also recognized.

In 2007, Fan Bingbing and Huayi broke the contract to establish a personal studio, from film and television performance to commercial development. With the creation and speculation of agent Yang Tiantian, Fan Bingbing became popular with his Dragon Robe rubbing red carpet.


From life winner to being abandoned by society

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen got to know each other in the legend of Wu Meiniang. After the announcement of their love, Fan Bingbing acted for Li Chens movie hunting in the sky for zero pay. Li Chen argued for Fan Bingbing and his old love on Weibo.

They also envy others in the running man program, and even in the paparazzis Secret shooting, it is not difficult to see that Fan Bingbing, who is with Li Chen, has changed his Fan Ye s Sao, but is very shy.

After two years of stable relationship, Li Chen prepared a pink proposal for Fan Bingbing. The two people changed from we to we, forever, and got the blessing of the whole network.

However, in 2018, with Cui Yongyuans you dont need to perform, you are really rotten. And attached numerous contracts of micro blog, Fan Bingbing was formally sent to the forefront of the storm.

Two months later, Fan Bingbing and his team broke the red line of national laws and made up 884 million national taxes, which officially disappeared from the publics view.

So in that year, Li Chen continued to develop his own career, and also attended the activities together to break the rumors of breaking up when Fan Bingbing was most infamous.

However, after things gradually calmed down, when everyone thought that Fan Bingbing and Li Chen had quietly completed the right results, a break-up microblog of we are no longer us, we are still us, which let us see the world in hot water. Love cant resist reality after all?

After the break-up, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen still maintain the relationship of good friends. They eat, get together and go shopping together. They will see each other off and are reluctant to part with each other.

On Li Chens birthday, Fan Bingbing will also borrow his cats birthday to send a circle of friends to Li Chen, implying a profound blessing.

None of this can not explain that the two people are truly peaceful breakup, not Li Chens decisive abandonment of Fan Bingbing when he is in danger.

Not long ago, Li Chen exposed his mansion in the program. Among them, the womens toothbrush and womens cosmetics in front of the washing table made countless netizens speculate that Fan Bingbing and Li Chen had reunited, or had never broken up.

But most netizens said they hoped Li Chen had made a new girlfriend. It can be seen that Fan Bingbing has not been re accepted by the public.

In addition to emotional clues, Fan Bingbing is also trying his best to prepare for his comeback.

First of all, it captured the major resources in the fashion industry, and published in Vietnam, South Korea, the United States, Malaysia, Singapore and other overseas regions.

After that, he became a public welfare ambassador, went to the heart hospital to see the heart disease children with successful surgery, and so on, and received the title of public welfare person of the year issued by Sohu and

Unfortunately, netizens still dont buy it, and even speak ill of Sohu, saying one dares to award, one dares to lead.

Whether it is the combination of feelings or the return of career, we can see that it is really difficult for Fan Bingbing to start from scratch, because she has become a person abandoned by society.


None of those who will be abandoned by society are innocent.

Because the people who will be abandoned by society must be the first to give up their own principles.

Just like Fan Bingbing, if she wants to protect her long-term happiness and achievement, she will not pursue short-lived interests.

Just like Yao Di, in the rising period of career development, he gave up the principle of being a woman.

For a moment of impulsive feelings, she is willing to bear the name of a third party for the article, without considering the feelings of her original mate Ma Yili, and making her fall into the accusation of never turning over in the performing arts circle;

Just like Gao Yunxiang, when he was already famous for his king of Yiqu and had a happy family with Dong Xuan, he was suspected of sexual assault because of his fun.

Its really hard and hard for Gao Yunxiang to destroy his hard-earned reputation and to start afresh. Dong Xuan also left him after the situation subsided. For Gao Yunxiang, because of a mistake in principle, his feelings and career were both damaged;

Their mistakes are enough to keep the world against them all the time. However, they seem not ready to fight against the world.

Whether it is love or career, 80% of those who make mistakes are due to fluke. They think that they will not be found, so they escape from their emotional problems and seek another emotional stimulation;

They think nothing will happen, so they are opportunistic and enjoy the happiness of the moment.

But fluke is fluke, it is not steady happiness.

If there is something wrong with our relationship, we dont have to escape to solve the problem. Instead, we choose to communicate and manage with our loved ones to give each other another chance. Why should we break our own principles and take risks for luck?

If our cause is in a difficult situation, why dont we choose to work hard on a down-to-earth manner, and exchange hard work for success. Although it will be slower than making means, we will be magnanimous in our hearts, wont we?

Dont be for a flash in the pan,

To give up long-term and stable happiness.