The idea of one smile a day and food

 The idea of one smile a day and food

Teacher: why do you walk askew?

Teacher: why do you still shake your legs in a chair?

Xiao Ming: Im in neutral.

Teacher: why do you always look around?

Xiao Ming: my name is observing road conditions.

Xiao Ming: teacher, I found you are a very tangled person.

Xiao Ming: you talk all day long - why do you read? Look at the blackboard! Why are you looking at the blackboard? Look at me! What are you looking at me for? Reading books! What do you want me to see?

Teacher: how many times?

Chain thinking of food

Step on the snow to find plum vegetables with pork, and pass the bridge rice noodles.

Two colas chicken wings, heart like water boiled meat slices.

Several times three tomato scrambled eggs, toss three pour four Xi meatballs.

Hot pepper fried meat, killing people as Ma Xiang chicken pieces.

The Qing Dynasty steamed perch and tore cabbage.

Big wave Taosha County snacks, out of mouth octopus balls.

The summer solstice is not the supreme hamburger, and the barbecue is in the breeze.

Dried firewood is hot and hot, and the cold cucumber is popular.