Career women cheated by the family cook? The forerunner of white moonlight

 Career women cheated by the family cook? The forerunner of white moonlight

In the preview, those happy moments in love are intertwined with the picture of being hurt by the lover, which is heartbreaking. Song Jias eyes, from anger and disappointment to fear and sadness, not only poke the heart, but also make people wonder what kind of betrayal and deception she encountered in the play. It is understood that the play, like the game of ten days, is a short, short, 12 episode play with strong plot, high quality, compact rhythm and no delay. It will be broadcast in Youku in the near future.

Break the illusion of happiness

In the white moonlight, Song Jia plays the role of Zhang Yi. In the eyes of outsiders, she has a successful career and a happy family. She has a good husband who is willing to be her family cook and a good daughter who is obedient and sensible. However, an accidental discovery of ambiguous text messages, broke Zhang Yis illusion of this false happiness. One lie after another, cheating again and again. In the preview, Song Jias eyes, from disbelief to anger and disappointment, to uncontrollable sadness, from a carefree bride to a suspicious wife, is heartbreaking.

There is no family

This infidelity drama focuses on womens self-development

We all know that love goes away, promises fail, and people get separated. Its just that were all willing to believe that were the exception. This line in the preview is very impressive. From the texture of the preview, we can also feel the delicate image style of the play. It is reported that although white moonlight is a infidelity drama, it is not only about cheating, but also about the plight of women in the workplace and marriage. It also makes people wonder how Song Jia plays the role of healing himself and strengthening himself after being injured.

In addition to Song Jia, the pilot poster released today also exposes Yu Entai, Liu mintao and Huang Jue as the leading stars. In the play, Yu Entai plays Zhang Xin, the husband of Zhang Yi (Song Jia), Yang Yan (Liu mintao) is a woman who has a similar experience with Zhang Yi, and Zhou Rui (Huang JUE) is Zhangs partner in the past 10 years. How will the relationship between the four be tested and how will their stories unfold? In the poster, the hidden feeling of wind and rain in the future is full of imagination.

White moonlight is produced by Wuyuan culture, CO produced by Youku and Qujiang film and television, supervised by 500 producers, directed by Liu Ziwei, starred by Song Jia, Yu Entai, Liu mintao and Huang Jue. Song Ningfeng and LV Xiaolin are specially cast, and Fu Mei, Wang Zhen and Fan Wei are starring. It is about to land in Youkus suspense theater.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020