Forward looking: Zhan Mei competes with Dong qiqibo and the Lakers strive to overturn the lone ranger

 Forward looking: Zhan Mei competes with Dong qiqibo and the Lakers strive to overturn the lone ranger

Davis is another core of the Lakers, he has been training during the off-season, this period of rest is also very helpful for Davis physical recovery. As the second leader of the Laker team, Davis should play a role at both ends of the attack and defense, and he should bring enough support to LeBron. In an interview with the Laker players, they all said that Kuzmas condition is quite good, which undoubtedly makes people look forward to his performance after the rematch. Kuzma seems to be phenomenal, phenomenal, and were trying to get him to play a more important role. Dudley commented.

LeBron and Davis are the best duo in the league. They dont need to worry about their performance, so the Lakers need someone to give them strong support. Kuzma is the player with high hopes. He has to prove himself by his performance. For the Lakers, the test they face after the rematch is the back court. Bradley gave up participating in the rematch, and Rondo was injured accidentally, which affected the depth of their backcourt. But Smith and Vettes will get more opportunities. They have proved their strength in the NBA before. Now they have to try to prove themselves in the team. They need more games and more games The team is running in. Caruso has also been ready, Rondo injury will give him more opportunities, now Caruso gave up the opportunity to attend his sisters wedding, it can be seen that he is still looking forward to the rematch, his performance is also worthy of attention.

On the inside, the Lakers have Howard and McKee, and Morris has joined the team. They need to bring more support to Davis and help the team control rebounds and defense. The important thing for the Lakers to lead the Western Conference this season is that their defense is pretty good. If they want to achieve the goal of winning the championship in the season, they must do better in defense.

The lone Rangers have made great progress this season, thanks to doncic and bolzingis, who have played a leading role and helped the team a lot. When playing against the Lakers, the lone Rangers want to strive for better performance. They need a victory more than the Lakers, which can let them accumulate more confidence. For the warm-up game with the Lakers, the lone rangers are looking forward to it. Their players have said, its time to perform.

As team leaders, donchichi and borzingis want to bring more help to the team, their play affects the teams prospects. Don Chichi should not only organize the teams offense, but also maintain his personal aggressiveness. He should put enough pressure on the Lakers defense line. Bolzinghis wants to attack the Lakers in the interior, and he also wants to keep his hand and make trouble for the opponent through his personal attack. Bolzingis thinks that the lone ranger coach has found his most suitable position, and he wants to repay the team with better performance.

In addition to the two core, the lone ranger team also has hadawi, baria, curry and others, hadawi and Curie have shown good state before, if they can find the handle in the outside line, this will make the team attack more threatening. Im very happy that hes back in the league, he said

The two teams have played four times in the regular season, with the Lakers winning 3-1. The lone Rangers only victory is December 2, 2019, when they visit Los Angeles to beat the Lakers 114-100. In the last nine games between the two teams, the Lakers are 8-1.

It is expected that the starting lineup of both sides will be:

Lone Rangers: East Chichi, Curie, hadawi, bolzingis, Kleber