Japanese experts call on IOC to ban U.S. participation in Olympic Games: virus transmission rate is too high

 Japanese experts call on IOC to ban U.S. participation in Olympic Games: virus transmission rate is too high

Many people hope to develop a vaccine as soon as possible so that the Tokyo Olympics can be held smoothly, but experts believe that even if the vaccine is developed in the next few months, it will be difficult to popularize it next summer. Amir atalan, an epidemiologist and medical professor at the University of Ottawa, worries that it will take years to produce a vaccine that can be used globally, and that all athletes get vaccinated before they arrive in Tokyo, which also raises questions, should a group of the worlds healthiest athletes be vaccinated before some of the elderly or people with immune deficiency?

Ronald Waldman, a professor of global health at George Washington University, said: the main concern is not just the event itself. In my opinion, its almost impossible to do logistics. I cant see it happen. As for the optimistic attitude of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games to host the Olympic Games, Waldman said he was not surprised, but stressed that it was not the organizing committee that ultimately decided whether the Olympic Games could be held, but how much the world could control the epidemic. People like to wait and see for a long time, but in my opinion, if the IOC does not make a decision, it will pay more money, rather than consider reducing it Loss, its better to try to move forward in some improved way.

The chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee stressed that the Tokyo Olympic Games could not be without spectators, but doctor kupaley of Johns Hopkins health center did not agree, the organizers need to ban spectators outside Japan, or simply hold the Olympic games behind closed doors. Of course, I hope that the world can control the new epidemic situation in the coming year, and hope that the Olympic Games can be held as scheduled. Of course, this is just hope. I dont know whether I can reach the required level in one year to ensure the full protection of everyone.

In addition to calling for a ban on the U.S. from participating in the Olympics, experts also suggested that Olympic organizers could reduce the risk in other ways, such as canceling football and other high-risk sports, or reducing the number of athletes. However, the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee said they had not considered the two options.