You can enter to see CBA! Tickets are open for two matches in Qingdao on the 26th

 You can enter to see CBA! Tickets are open for two matches in Qingdao on the 26th

The CBA official paper is as follows:

A month later, the CBA League will be presented to you and me, watching the regular season close, watching the playoffs.

With the approval of relevant departments, on July 23, the official ticketing platform of CBA League,, released a link to make an appointmentuff08 uff09, medical staff, teachers and public security personnel can make an appointment to watch the two matches on July 26 at 15:00 and 20:00 respectively.

According to the latest national and local epidemic prevention and control policies as well as the requirements of CBA League re match epidemic prevention and control, the venue for fans to buy tickets for the game is Qingdao Guoxin Sports Center Diamond Stadium (Laoshan competition area). The system of online real name ticket purchase and offline real name admission is fully implemented in ticket sales. All fans must be over 12 years old and hold the nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours. At the same time, the venue will strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements, such as controlling the attendance rate, one meter interval between spectators, and temperature detection before entering the venue.

In order to ensure the health and safety of all spectators, the principle of one ticket and one certificate is adopted in the process of ticket purchase. Each ticket buyer can only buy one ticket. When applying for ticket purchase, the ticket buyer must first fill in the ticket commitment letter through, the official ticket platform of CBA League, and select the official designated nucleic acid testing place and time, and then go to the testing place according to the time. After the nucleic acid test results are generated, the official ticketing platform will send a ticket purchase link to those who pass the test. Ticket buyers can purchase tickets within 48 hours and enter the competition with their ID card and local health code before the competition.

In addition, in order to ensure the order and safety of the games, Qingdao Guoxin Sports Center Diamond gymnasium is making careful and careful preparations. A special entrance is set up in the gymnasium as the designated entrance for the audience. The security personnel and ticket inspectors at the entrance will check the body temperature, ticket information and ID card of the spectators. In addition, an epidemic prevention worktable was set up at the entrance to the stadium to provide free hand sanitizer to the audience. During the match, the spectators should wear masks, take seats according to the number, and strictly keep seats one meter apart. When leaving, the audience should follow the order from back to front, from both sides to the middle, and keep the one meter line social distance orderly. The venue will be equipped with staff to inspect and guide the spectators to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control measures are in place.