The Premier League has not disappeared from CCTV

 The Premier League has not disappeared from CCTV

At 10:30 this morning, CCTV5 also recorded and broadcast the game. This is somewhat different from the program list of CCTV5. In the preview, CCTV will record and broadcast the 33rd round of Serie A match between sasolo and Juve.

CCTV recorded and broadcast Liverpool vs Chelsea at 10:30 this morning

Its different from the program


Repeat the mistakes of NBA? The last two rounds of premier league matches are suspected to be suspended by CCTV

The U.S. News also quoted lazy bear sports news as a follow-up report. However, it is understood that lazy bear sports yesterdays news is not reliable, CCTV live broadcast of Liverpool vs. Chelsea is a good example. An insider was very helpless about CCTVs ban on broadcasting the Premier League: it wont be broadcast (cover your face)

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