Hangzhou womens missing case: four questions to be solved!

 Hangzhou womens missing case: four questions to be solved!

As of press release, the local police have not made an official notification of the incident.

The mystery disappeared for 19 days. Such a case left too many questions for the public, and there were various mysteries surrounding the missing woman.

Why did the husband report to the police after 36 hours of missing? I didnt think about it. on the evening of July 5, the lady still didnt go home for dinner, and she didnt even go home to sleep at night, and she couldnt get in touch. On the morning of July 6 (Monday), Ms. Lais work unit called and said that she did not come to work. On the evening of July 6, 36 hours after lady Lai disappeared without any reason, Mr. Xu felt wrong and called her eldest daughter to inquire. Lady Lais eldest daughter is an adult and does not live with them. On the evening of July 6, Mr. Xu called the eldest daughter of the lady to inquire. After he didnt get any information from her eldest daughter, a talented person went to Sijiqing police station of Jianggan branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau at about 19:00 on July 6. From the early morning of July 5 to the evening of July 6, for two days and nights, Mr. Xu did not communicate with his closest friend about his wifes disappearance, did not go to the work unit to look for it, nor did he call the police. From Mr. Xus interview with reporters, although he felt strange after Ms. Lais disappearance, he still didnt care too much at that time. Is it the relationship between the two? Mr. Xu said there was no problem with their relationship. Did you often stay up at night? Not really. Mr. Xus explanation to the reporter is: also did not go to the present thought to consider.

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