The 9-year-old girl vomited for several days and was sent to the emergency department. The doctor was shocked: her stomach was full of hair

 The 9-year-old girl vomited for several days and was sent to the emergency department. The doctor was shocked: her stomach was full of hair

Check that your stomach is full of hair

On July 18, Diandian was sent to the emergency department of the hospital. It turned out that Dian Dian had been unable to eat, vomit, abdominal pain and poor mental health for many days. During CT examination in the local hospital, the doctor found that there were many flocculent shadows in Diandians esophagus and gastrointestinal tract. Combined with the disease history told by parents, the children had the habit of eating hair since childhood, and there were suspected hair and other foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract. Doctors from local hospitals suggested that they should be transferred to higher hospitals for further treatment as soon as possible.

Under the gastroscope, it can be seen that there are winding hair in the stomach

After Dian Dian came to the hospital, Dr. Deng Kai of endoscopy center of Gastroenterology arranged painless endoscopic foreign body removal for Dian Dian, hoping to clear the nature of foreign body in the stomach and remove the foreign body through endoscope as much as possible. Dr. Duncan found that there was a lot of hair accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract and the gastric cavity was obviously obstructed. Because of too much hair, the sedative effect of intravenous anesthesia used in painless gastroscopy is short and shallow, and it is impossible to remove all foreign bodies safely at one time. Dr. Duncan suggested that foreign bodies should be removed again under general anesthesia with endotracheal intubation in the operating room. Subsequently, Dr. Deng Kai immediately contacted Dr. Yang Min of pediatric surgery of West China Hospital of Sichuan University to arrange further treatment.

The foreign body was removed in 15 hours

Avoid the huge trauma caused by open surgery

The patient came to pediatric surgery at more than 4 p.m. on the 18th. Dr. Yang Min told the Red Star News reporter, the results of physical examination and blood examination after admission showed that Diandian was suffering from water and electrolyte disorder due to vomiting, low sodium and low chlorine, and gastrointestinal obstruction caused by foreign bodies made Diandian feel abdominal pain obviously, and had suspicious abdominal infection. Although he was conscious and could cooperate with the doctor, Dian Dian was still in a poor spirit and was still in a severe condition It needs to be treated as soon as possible. Through full communication with the family members of the patients, in order to avoid the huge trauma caused by the open surgery, Dian Dian was pushed into the operating room at more than 9:00 p.m. on the 18th, and was ready to try endoscopic foreign body removal again under general anesthesia with tracheal intubation.

The stomach cavity of the child is almost full of entangled hair and can only be taken bit by bit, at a time. Dr. Yang Min said, Dr. Deng Kai and his team in the Department of Gastroenterology persisted from 10:00 that night to 1:00 noon the next day, and the whole operation lasted nearly 15 hours. Dr. Deng Kai thought that it might not be possible to take it out completely, but he was not willing to think that the child was too young, so he still wanted to try again. Dr. Yang Min said that our pediatric surgeons accompanied the whole process, and at the same time made follow-up preparations. Once it was determined that the minimally invasive surgery could not remove all the foreign bodies, the open surgery was adopted to remove the foreign bodies. However, the surgical trauma was large, the recovery was slow, and the risk was high, not to mention the child was a 9-year-old.

Nod the hair from your stomach

Finally, after 15 hours of cooperation between medical staff in gastroenterology, pediatric surgery, anesthesiology and operating room, a large amount of hair in the gastric cavity was removed through endoscopy.

Consider a pica

After the operation, Dian Dian returned to the hospital for pediatric surgery and continued to receive anti-inflammatory, electrolyte supplement and other supportive treatment. The first two days after the operation, it was fasting and water deprivation. On the 21st day, after the gastrointestinal function gradually recovered, I ate slowly, and the postoperative recovery was good. Dr. Yang Min said that when asked about the family history, parents said that their children had always had the habit of eating hair, but even the children themselves did not expect that Dian Dian ate so much hair. Due to long time and repeated swallowing of hair, accumulation in the stomach, gastric acid can not be digested, resulting in gastrointestinal obstruction, point on the performance of vomiting, abdominal pain symptoms, if not handled in time, obstruction aggravation, children may be completely unable to eat, later development to electrolyte disorder, collapse, mental depression, even gastrointestinal perforation, abdominal infection, septic shock These are very serious.

After the operation, the hair in the stomach was basically removed

Dr. Yang Min said that after the child is discharged from the hospital, in addition to the need to continue to eat a light diet to keep the stool unobstructed, considering that the child may have a strange food habit, we suggest that parents can take little bit to the mental health center of the hospital for further treatment.