If you dont work hard, someone will like you

 If you dont work hard, someone will like you

This is really embarrassing. Is it the legendary phenomenon of good students?

LAN Yingying is very, very hard, at least everyone can see that. Microblog clocks all the year round, sets various annual goals, and shows the degree of completion with the progress bar.

As Yi Shu said: when a man no longer loves a woman, it is wrong for her to cry, to be silent, to breathe alive, and even more to die.

But why is there such a phenomenon? Obviously, LAN Yingying is excellent. Why cant the number of fans go up?

First of all, the blue face.

Blue Yingyings face has a sharp sense of villain.

The reason is mainly due to her concave surface, which is slightly cruel compared with Zhang Yuqi who is very high in the surface. The part of her nose is blue and Yingying, which is obviously a basin, while Zhang Yuqi is a peak. The convex surface is the key to happiness, and the concave side is the opposite.

People with sunken faces tend to look bitter and aggrieved, but if they have round soft tissue and round facial features, they will look pitiful and lovable, such as Ju Jingyi.

Although Ju Jingyi was also sunken in the face, her eyes were round and big, delicate and pitiful, so she had no sense of anti angle.

Concave face most afraid of sharp face, thin cheek and sharp facial features, and these three kinds of blue Yingying all occupied, so she looks bitter thin face, and has a sense of mind.

The result of LAN Yingyings facial features combination is that she looks bitter and thoughtful, and she is not so smart.

Whats worse is that she has a drooping mouth, which makes people feel bad tempered.

LAN Yingying came into the audiences attention is Legend of Zhen Huan, in which she plays the role of huanbi. However, this role does not bring audience popularity to LAN Yingying. On the contrary, many people think that the actor who plays huanbi is mean and disheartened, and has no audience connection. It is estimated that this will happen in the future, and it is difficult to be popular.

So in recent years, I feel that Lan Yingying is more energetic than when she was playing huanbi in the past few years, and her drooping corners of her mouth have also risen, which may be related to fitness.

Later, in the birth of the actor, LAN Yingying became popular, showing her extraordinary strength and re entering the public view.

Since then, LAN Yingying has starred with Jin Dong in the elite lawyer as the heroine. In the poster, she is full of vitality, and huanbis bitterness and despondency are almost gone.

In addition to her face, the reason why LAN Yingying is not popular is that her interpersonal strategy is not smooth enough.

Therefore, the audience began to doubt LAN Yingyings Xueba design. A handwritten plan list published by LAN Yingying before became one of the mockery points, because she wrote the Tsinghua film Wu Wen Xi Dong into Wu Wen Dong.

Its not important to be ridiculed by netizens when they write too many black words.

These two seemingly nitpicking little things turned out to be two melons - we can see that many people really cant see blue Yingying.

Of course, this does have something to do with LAN Yingyings lack of dealing with people and things.

On the whole, LAN Yingyings existence reminds many people of the Xueba or learning committee member in the class? Strict discipline, one-sided, do everything to do the best, people admire, but also people want to stay away.

Similarly, why is Zhang Yuqi very strong, and why do the audience still like her?

Because she showed her stupid side under the bullys design, everyone saw her weakness, and they had a resonance.

But she forgot to show weakness and show her flawed, flawed side.

So in the eyes of the audience, there is less human flavor.

In the long road of life, people who know how to store strength and relax are often better off.

So, the truth of life is that the harder you work, the more people like you.

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