Bumblebee holding, picking flowers into honey

 Bumblebee holding, picking flowers into honey

Adhere to the market-oriented, capital operation as a means, responsible for integration, investment, M & A and management work, which is the persistent business philosophy of Dapeng holdings.

In the past five years, bumblebee Holdings has been developing and growing, gradually turning the grand blueprint of becoming a century old global financial technology industry group with financial and industrial co-development into reality. In the process of picking flowers into honey, it has won the trust of entrepreneurs and investors with its outstanding performance and reputation in the industry.

Brand dream from beekeeping

For a long time, my hometown concept is quite important.. Xi Chunyangs father was a beekeeper, and he would follow his father to keep bees around when he was a child. Bees live in groups, have a clear division of labor, work independently and closely linked with each other, and the wonderful and philosophical shape of the hive has left a deep impression on his young heart. The beekeepers every toss and turn and harvest, enjoy the bitter sweet, willing to have fun, let him respect this romantic and hard industry, also inspired his third entrepreneurial inspiration.

The form and function of the hive can refine hive thinking . In a simple way, honeycomb thinking is group thinking . Under the leadership of the enterprise center in the position of queen bee, the extended different industrial sectors not only maintain a high degree of independence and division of labor, but also have close ties, and then extend to each individual in the sub section, making full use of the honeycomb thinking Through the cooperation of human groups, we can bring group wisdom and achieve the same goal.

Bumblebee holdings came into being.

Golden age of rapid development

In 2016, with the companys registration and establishment, Dafeng holdings took advantage of the momentum and continuously consolidated its foundation. The companys business developed rapidly, with more than 50 subsidiaries carrying out business, and the companys personnel and scale continued to expand. Therefore, the headquarters moved to Minghao building by Qiantang River, and optimized and upgraded the overall software and hardware level on this basis.

In 2018, Dafeng holdings began to carry out strategic cooperation with Ping An financial holding, financial investment group, Zhejiang Agricultural holding group, Zhejiang Xinghe investment and other powerful companies to further strengthen its own strength and expand its territory.

Today, after continuous exploration, Dapeng Holdings has finally come out of its own mode. With smart IOT, financial investment and insurance business in parallel, and other big health, environmental protection, energy, cultural creativity as auxiliary, through financial means such as asset securitization, it promotes the coordinated development of Finance and science and technology industry. Finally, we should grasp the core resources and talents, and gradually strengthen mutual support.

Do not change the original public interest

We should always be grateful and kind-hearted, and do more good deeds. Being good to others is good to ourselves..

Xi Chunyang, as the chairman of the board of directors of wasp holding company, keeps on developing the company and never forgets to give back to the society. In the face of natural disasters, we will make unremitting efforts to provide full support; in the face of poor children, we will travel thousands of miles to send warmth; in the face of staffs sudden difficulties, we will provide timely assistance and always care. Volunteers of Yuquan temple, condolence of Jiande nursing home, financial aid for needy students in Guizhou, Jiande, Jingning, etc Many places have left the figure of Bumblebee public welfare.

In the recent novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, Xi Chun Yang tried every means to contact the purchase and delivery channels of medical supplies such as masks, protective clothing, goggles, disinfectant and disinfecting wipes, and donated to the first-line staff of hospitals, government departments and other urgently needed materials such as Wuhan, Hangzhou, Tonglu and Jiande, with total value of over 400 yuan. Mrs. Xi Chunyang also donated 1 million yuan to Jiande and Tonglu charity associations respectively.

When the country is in trouble, many people on the front are paying in silence. We Zheshang have never been left behind. As a member of Zhejiang merchants, I should try my best to bear the responsibility. In front of the epidemic, I just did what I should do. I hope this epidemic prevention war will be completed as soon as possible, Xi Chunyang said.

After five years of collecting flowers and honey, and five years of trials and hardships, the pace of Bumblebee holding has become more and more firm and steady. In 2020, all sectors of Bumblebee holdings will make full use of their strength, integrate development, create an ecological mode of enabling with scientific and technological innovation and value-added financial services, accelerate the integration of platform resources, attract the favor of capital, drive entities with capital, and boost capital with entities, so as to realize the listing of industrial sectors as soon as possible. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485