To light a bright light for womens safety, care go will upgrade again with IOT portable intelligent alarm equipment.

 To light a bright light for womens safety, care go will upgrade again with IOT portable intelligent alarm equipment.

Some cases in the past tell us: when in danger, it takes at least three steps to use a mobile phone to ask for help, from unlocking to dialing out the phone, and the tedious process will miss the golden time of asking for help. Especially in the malignant crimes against women, the criminals will snatch the communication equipment of the victims immediately, but there is still a period of time before the real crimes are committed. Alphah u014d m considered these two points at the beginning of product development. Therefore, in the functional design of the first generation of products, we strive to make the SOS alarm simple and hidden. Even if the mobile phone is stolen by bad people, carego can still help women alarm and send real-time positioning information, so as to win valuable time for guardians to provide assistance to users. The seemingly simplest action of gently pulling is also the most life-saving function in a critical situation.

As we all know, it is easy to miss some important calls or notices when the mobile phone is in silent or do not disturb mode. Carego provides users with a penetrating alarm, which can send out a loud and harsh alarm to remind the guardian even if the mobile phone of the guardian is in the silent or do not disturb state. Compared with the traditional telephone alarm, caregos one to many plus penetrating alarm can effectively convey distress information.

*At present, penetration alarm only supports IOS users

Guardian mode also solves the trouble of Lu Chi party to a certain extent: you can tell your friends and lovers where you are with just one spin. Carego will call navigation with the app to directly give accurate distance and path recommendation.

In addition to SOS alarm and guard mode, carego also has two-way search and separation reminder functions to provide users with more daily use scenarios.

When it comes to creating carego, founder Dennis tells us his story. From Denmark, he has been working in the field of security for 20 years. He is well aware of the importance of safety. Especially after the birth of his little daughter, safety is not only work for him, but also every aspect of his life. At the same time, considering that he cant always accompany his wife and daughter, Is it possible to develop a device that can protect your loved ones instead of yourself? So carego was born.

In daily life, carego can not only protect the safety of women and children, but also meet the safety needs of the elderly. The old peoples self-protection ability is poor. When an accident occurs, it is easy for the telephone to answer the call and delay the rescue time. Carego is easy to operate and quick to use. According to users feedback, when teaching parents how to use carego, the two key actions of pulling and rotating are told, and parents immediately understand how to use it.

Carego releases Guardian version

Alphahom launched carego, a guardian version of carego, which can solve childrens travel safety problems and make parents feel more at ease. Generally, when children go out alone, parents will inevitably have anxiety, especially when children do not answer the phone for various reasons, parents do not know the situation and location of children outside.

Carego, a guardian version of carego, provides parents with a special guardianship mode. When children go out, they just need to carry their mobile phones and devices with them, and the guardians can view their childrens positioning information and moving track in real time. In case of danger, the child can turn on the equipment and activate the SOS alarm to quickly inform the parents.

We interviewed several parents, children often go out to play on time and dont come home on time. Sometimes you dont know if something happened and you cant find the person. Its really urgent. One of the mothers told us. Just want to know where the child has gone.

Carego launched the Guardian version with this time. On the one hand, it is to solve the above user pain points, let children move freely, and also reduce parents anxiety; on the other hand, considering the market gap of intelligent alarm devices for students, carego has upgraded the equipment for the travel safety of minor students.

The ability of minor students to identify dangers and self-help is often weak. Therefore, in terms of travel safety, this part of responsibility needs to be borne by the guardian. This is also the reason why carego always gives the initiative of equipment to the guardian in the Guardian version.

Alphahom afahong Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., which is developing carego, admits that the domestic portable alarm equipment market is still in its infancy. Because few companies are doing this, it also needs to invest huge time cost and energy in user education. But they will continue to do it because they hope that through their own efforts, they can really improve the safety problems of vulnerable groups such as women, underage students and the elderly, so that everyone can live a three heart life of peace of mind, comfort and happiness.

Carego has been sold overseas and sold all over the world. It has won numerous favorable comments in the United States, Mexico, Europe, Oceania, Thailand, Japan and other Asian countries. It has laid a foundation for countless users to feel at ease in life and protect the safety of many families.

At present, carego xinsui Guardian version has been newly launched and can be purchased on carego xinsui official website, Taobao, youzan and other e-commerce platforms.

Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485