The town of 985 is really a waste

 The town of 985 is really a waste

The first time I saw this word, I laughed it off. What do you think of the urban youth who have also painted the vast topic sea? Its like the children in the city can pass 985 without brushing the questions.

Later, it was found that many people seemed to agree with the label of small town topic maker.

The transfer myth brought about by the brilliant college entrance examination is being broken. It seems that the young people who were born in a small town will have a lonely future, and the young people in the small town who have been admitted to the famous schools will also struggle in the future.

But is that really the case?

Young people in small towns, will they become learning dregs

Of course, there are many differences between town candidates and city candidates.

They have different identities. Young people in small towns are likely to be the first generation of college students in their families. When they first enter university, they will feel that they are full of uncertainty and will have doubts about themselves [7].

Their parents are different. A survey of four 985 colleges and universities shows that more than half of the parents of children with urban household registration are administrators and professionals; the parents of rural registered permanent residence are mainly clerks, workers and petty students [5].

But will these differences really have that big impact?

According to the above research, whether freshmen or sophomores, there is no significant difference between rural students and urban students [5].

In another survey of famous schools, the average GPA of urban students is 77.75, while that of rural students is 76.74, with no significant difference between the two [4].

I think that the academic achievements of the young people in small towns are lagging behind. I really underestimate the adaptability and learning ability of the young people in small towns.

Young people in small towns used to adapt to the rules of life and social sophistication for many years. They belong to the small town, not to the prosperous city. Around the students are more city background [7].

These characteristics make the small town candidates become a minority group. When they first enter the University, they may be impacted in the aspects of life, consumption, entertainment and ideas.

Fujian made sports shoes, which students from superior cities scoff at, may be typical equipment for young people in small towns; they may never have heard of live house, and they will not be as familiar with bands like universal youth hotel as urban youth do.

The frequency of urban youth participating in various cultural activities (such as visiting museums, science and technology museums, libraries, etc.) is significantly higher, the amount of reading in high school is higher, and they can use computers, networks, etc. [5].

Tianjin, citizens read in Binhai library. Compared with the youth in small towns, the cultural activities of urban youth may be more abundant

These cultural activities outside the topic may seem small, but they may make the town youth less confident. Their active level in the university has become lower [5].

Some people even dare not to participate in some university community activities because they have never used computers in high school.

In the years when Renren was popular among college students, some people did a survey and found that the frequency of rural college students logging into Renren was much lower than that of urban students.

This means that in universities that gradually emphasize the importance of connections, rural students do not have the inherent advantages of social networks [8].

Cant you find a job in a youth town

Born in a small town, you cant find a good job, or even a job?

Some people make complaints about their frustrated lives. The first step is to choose majors. Some people say that the proportion of students who choose Tiankeng major is very high.

However, people of any origin may feel that they have chosen the wrong major. To be honest, there may be very few people who feel the call of duty to their major.

Take a look at Gao Xiaosong, a youth in the city at that time. His elders knowledge and structure were top-notch enough. So he studied radio major in the Department of electronic engineering of Tsinghua University, but later dropped out.

Choosing the wrong major will not hinder the life of the young people in small towns. As long as the town youth can successfully graduate from 211, 985 schools, it means that they will defeat most of their peers in their hometown.

If you are an ordinary rural examinee, come to Wuhan, the capital of college students, study in Huazhong University of science and technology or Wuhan Science and technology major in engineering. After graduation, you will probably enter ZTE, Huawei and other companies and get tens of thousands of monthly salary. And thats enough to beat 90% of the Chinese.

A famous school background will make your starting salary different from others.

According to the empirical study on the employment situation of college graduates in 2019, the average starting salary of first-class university construction universities is 9055 yuan; that of first-class discipline construction universities is 6946 yuan, that of ordinary undergraduate colleges is 5442 yuan, and that of higher vocational colleges is only 3528 yuan [14].

Data on graduates from 2010 to 2015 also show that receiving elite college education can make monthly salary premium by 40% [17].

Of course, even if they graduate from the same school, the starting salary of young people in small towns may be lower than that in cities.

According to the survey of 2018 graduates by Mycos, the starting salary of undergraduates from rural areas is 4935 yuan, while that of non rural students is 5218 yuan.

Generally speaking, urban youth will not go to places that are inferior to those of the city where they came from. However, young people in small towns choose more and worry more after they finish university: stay in the city where the university is located, go to other cities, return to the cities of the province, etc.

Red, yellow, blue and white dwellings in Yangjia village, Gaochun, Nanjing. When young people in small towns graduate, they may face the problem of whether to return to their hometown to work

There are so many choices that young people in small towns cant go all the way to the end. However, they will pay a high opportunity cost if they go to the wrong road. If they look for jobs in different places, the standards and requirements of good jobs are different.

For example, Lanzhou and Shenzhen regard what jobs as good jobs, and the standards are different. Lanzhou regards public work as good work, while Shenzhen does not care about whether it is public [12]. Young people in small towns who are still hesitating need more preparation.

In addition, going back to the fourth and fifth tier cities of the province may not be conducive to finding a job. According to the research, the employment of college graduates is positively correlated with the economic level of the region [13].

Finally, many young people in small towns still have a constraint when they are looking for a job. They should give full consideration to income, house price / income ratio and household registration.

In the face of more constraints, looking for a job will feel constrained everywhere. This leads to a more subjective sense of inferiority.

It is not correct to attribute the dissatisfaction of study, work and future to small town problem maker. Many discomfort should be attributed to the objective environment.

The deep irony behind the word town as a topic writer may be: is life a family background? Do famous schools still have halos? How else can individuals rewrite their future?

Small town youth, be confident

But young people in small towns do not have to treat themselves as 985 waste.

In fact, there are very few students in China who can be admitted to 211 and 985 universities.

Even if the enrollment of colleges and universities is expanding, and the number of college students is increasing, the threshold of entering famous universities is still high. Young people who can enter 211 and 985 universities are even rarer, and the best is the best [9].

The survey of 2017 college students shows that the children who are home in the city, whose father has higher education level and whose family income is higher have a significantly higher probability of entering 211. On the contrary, students are more likely to enter junior colleges and non key universities [15].

Young people who have been admitted to 211 and 985 should not abandon themselves like this.

They themselves have crossed the threshold of family background once and stepped to a higher level.

For employment, 985 or 211 degrees are included in many recruitment requirements [9].

Give up when you want to join a club; give up when you want to find an internship / job; give up when you want to choose a big bull as a tutor.

This may be the first step of wrong step by step.

Self recognition of small town as topic maker and step by step self limiting may be greater than the development limit brought by the origin of small town.

As we have discussed earlier, distrust can come from the external environment and from ourselves. It doesnt matter.

University, which creates a relatively equal learning environment for people from different social backgrounds, is the place where you can change all this.

If not, I really feel that my own advantages are too few. I will learn some other skills to increase my advantages. One of the most practical ways to overcome inferiority is to learn something new.

If youre not confident enough, you can try to exercise and get new skills. Even if you dont have money to go to the gym, you can still practice running on the playground

Learning new things can make people confident and may play a role in job hunting. The competition for jobs is fierce. A large group of people with similar educational background may be similar. A little different things will make the employers open their eyes and want to see you.

Missing out on the club doesnt have such a big impact. Most jobs have nothing to do with the clubs experience. If you have a sense of crisis in finding a job, you should pay attention to the recruitment notice early and pay more attention to the recruitment notice, see what is specifically written in your recruitment requirements, and try to find out what you are good at.

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Li Dan is a sociology major. He once went to Ogilvy and America for an internship. Later, he was a talk show. It seems that Ogilvys internship and talk show cant work, but they are all related to the idea of creative copywriting. Li Da is very good at this and has a quick mind when thinking about creative copywriting.

It is true that family background will affect the trajectory of life, but even if it changes, it is difficult to say whether life will lead to a happy ending.

It is a self limiting thinking direction to confine myself to small town topic maker.