Us and Russia crash again in Syria major general, we have interaction every day

 Us and Russia crash again in Syria major general, we have interaction every day

According to the report, major general Kenneth Ekman, deputy commander of the joint task force of the United States firm determination operation, said that the US troops stationed in Syria interact with Russian forces in the region almost every day, and most of these interactions are uncontroversial.

The pictures of confrontation between the US and Russian armies in Syria exposed on twitter can be seen that two US Russian armored vehicles collided in the rear

Recently, it was reported that there was a state of hostility between the U.S. and Russian troops in Syria, but Ekman told reporters on July 22 that although the two countries armed forces often go out to carry out patrol missions, this situation rarely occurs.

Recently, Brett mcgock, the special envoy of the US president, who was responsible for coordinating the joint action against the extremist group Islamic state, shared a video on twitter about the confrontation between us and Russian troops in Syria. Mcgack tweeted that the U.S. military was harassed by Russian forces every day, urging trump to pick up the phone and tell Putin to stop harassing the U.S. military.

The so-called harassment is actually a less professional behavior between the Russian and American armies, Eckman responded. Our goal is to ensure that we comply with the rules for conflict resolution and that conflicts do not escalate, he added

Russian armored vehicle and American Armored Vehicle collided on Syrian highway

The report said that last autumn, the United States announced that it would reduce the number of U.S. troops stationed in Syria, and then Russia stepped in and increased its troops in Syria. The US politicians website also reported in June this year that Russian troops are getting closer to the US troops stationed in Syria, which is an attempt to squeeze US forces out of Syria.

However, it is not clear how many U.S. troops are stationed in Syria, and the report did not mention the specific content of the interaction between the US and Russian forces in Syria. However, according to previous videos exposed on the Internet, patrol convoys of the US and Russia often have friction on the road.

Due to the overlapping patrol routes of the armored convoys of the United States and Russia, there was a scene of us and Russian armored vehicles fighting with each other on the roads of Syria, and finally forced each other to stop. In addition, the U.S. military also set up checkpoints on the main traffic roads in Syria, and the Russian army convoys passing by had to drive off the road and make a detour through the mud on one side.

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