One hundred thousand copies sold in ten minutes?

 One hundred thousand copies sold in ten minutes?

Blind zither player

Director: Marcel pepriza

Type: plot / Biography

Production country / region: Poland

Length: 110 minutes

As an adult, Miyet became a jazz pianist. The perfect combination of his soul and jazz piano music made him completely transformed. He integrated his fate and emotion into Jazz music.

Just as he left Poland and brought his music to European countries, his love also appeared quietly

Previously, the blind pianist has won several awards in major Polish film festivals, including seven awards including the Silver Lion Award (best feature film), best male actor and best photography, as well as the best film score and film sound effect of the Polish film golden statue award.

Good luck

Starring: Dapeng / Liu Lu

Type: plot

Length: 75 minutes

What is the uniqueness of this film, which is called the most different forever by Mirs?

This will start with the short film auspicious directed by Dapeng in 2018.

Every family has its own difficult to read. The short film auspicious tells about Wang Lilis family affairs. Wang Lilis father, Wang Jixiang, suffered from dementia in middle age.

So Lilys mother insisted on divorce and took her away. On the eve of the Spring Festival, Lilis grandmother died suddenly. Lili returned to her hometown to face the chicken feather in the house again.

In the trailer, all the relatives are very critical of Lili, revealing the contradictions hidden behind this seemingly ordinary family.

Auspiciousness uses documentary techniques to show the contradiction of a family. What kind of story will be brought to us in auspiciousness? We are looking forward to a wave.

Calm and calm

Director: Li Xiaofeng

Starring: Zhang Yu / Song Jia / Wang Yanhui / Li Hongqi / Deng Enxi

Type: plot / plot

Producer countries / regions: Mainland China

Length: 121 minutes

I like this sentence of Guan Weifa in calm weather

It is very appropriate to describe a filmmaker who, after experiencing great storms, still has love in his heart and light in his eyes.

Calm and calm tells the story of a homicide case in a small seaside town in the 1990s, which has changed the life track of song Hao (Zhang Yu), an excellent student.

Fifteen years later, song Hao went back to his hometown to mourn. The appearance of Pan Xiaoshuang, an old classmate, injected new hope into his life. At the same time, song Hao found that there was a deeper secret behind the accident many years ago. His former close relatives and friends had already changed their faces. In the calm, a huge conspiracy slowly unfolded in front of song Hao

In addition to the addition of a number of characters, the production team of calm and calm is also a heavy truck division. Huang Bo is the editor. Director Li Xiaofeng has been shortlisted for many international film festivals with girl Nezha and pursuit u00b7 trace.

Type: plot

Production country / region: Italy

At the age of 40, Alice received the news of her fathers death and returned home from the United States. Alice and her sister decided to sell the house and began cleaning up the house. To her surprise, Alice found a beautiful young girl living at home. After a conversation, they soon became friends, and Alice met the charming mark, who had taken care of Alices father.

A new world opens the door to Alice. Its dangerous and wonderful, and it lights up Alices time and moment at the same time.

What kind of connection does the mysterious girl and mark have with Alice makes people wonder.

Director: Andy Joaquin

Type: plot

Production country / region: Finland

Helena is a forgotten artist who lives in the countryside with her mother.

An art dealer found Helena and her paintings by accident and decided to hold a large solo exhibition for her.

Just as the solo exhibition is about to start, Helena has ushered in a turning point in her life. She meets ennal, a forest ranger. She appreciates Helenas art and deeply loves her. They develop a close relationship that ends in tragedy.

Children dont want to understand

Starring: Shangbai SHIMENG song / Yoshida Yoshida

Type: family

Production country / region: Japan

Length: 138 minutes

The relationship between children and their parents is a compulsory course between parents. Meibo, a sophomore in senior high school, is a member of the school swimming team. She likes to watch an animation featuring the magic girl koteko. One day before summer vacation, she met Zhaoping, a boy in the calligraphy department who painted koteko on the school roof.

Because of their love for animation, they soon became friends. Meibo and Zhaoping talked about their own family, but they seldom mentioned their own father. She did not have much impression on her own father.

A year ago, she received a charm that she suspected was a clue to her father. With the help of brother Zhaoping, they learned about Meibos father. The swimming team training is around the corner. Meibo seems to be going to attend. Actually, she is going to meet her father in the small town What interesting and touching stories will happen this summer?

In the past, the film and television works that express the main body of adolescent and parents always have hysterical arguments. However, there is a kind of freshness in the child doesnt want to understand. The process of repairing the relationship between the girl and the father is like a seaside holiday between the father and the daughter.

The film is also full of many details of life stream, as well as scenes full of Japanese humor.

Buckwheat is growing fast

Director: Xu zhanxiong

Type: plot / love

Producer countries / regions: Chinese mainland

Harry Potter

Starring: David Yates / Daniel Radcliffe / Emma Watson


Director: Robert Argus

Starring: William Dafoe / Robert Pattinson

Type: Fantasy / horror

Duration: 109 minutes

Director: Yuhe Shizhi

Starring: Katherine Denver / Juliet Binoche

Type: plot

Duration: 106 minutes

Director: Sam Mendes

Starring: George McKay / Dean Charles Chapman

Type: plot / War

Duration: 119 minutes


Director: James L. Brooks

Starring: Jack Nicholson / Helen Hunt

Type: Comedy / love

Duration: 139 minutes

Melvin, a mean old man with obsessive-compulsive disorder, can destroy other peoples mood in three words. His neighbor painter Simon has a lovely little dog, which is as precious as his family. Carol is the only waitress in the restaurant who is willing to serve Melvin.

An accident linked three people to a dog. The three protagonists are not perfect in character, but they also get good and sincere in the end.

The rhythm of the film is not urgent or slow, like an old man telling a beautiful story. In the habit of fast food information today, again sink in the cinema to enjoy such a delicate story. Its also a great summer treat.

Years of passion

Director: Edward Zwick

Starring: Brad Peter / Anthony Hopkins

Type: plot / love

Duration: 133 minutes

The year 1994 is probably an unforgettable highlight moment in the history of film. Forrest Gump, farewell my concubine, this killer is not too cold, and this movie the burning years.

What is romance? I think burning years gives a full score answer. Gentle Susanna, affectionate Tristan

After all, just looking at Petes beauty is worth the price.

After a long silence, this years Shanghai International Film Festival has more special meanings for everyone. When was the last time you saw a movie? Is there a familiar strangeness when you enter the cinema again?

Finally, with the names of several selected films, write a blessing: after the cold winter is over, wish you good luck and calm.

Finally, a complete list is attached.

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