Why does jinlingguancena, which has been on the market for one year, become the benchmark of organic milk powder?

 Why does jinlingguancena, which has been on the market for one year, become the benchmark of organic milk powder?

Original organic ranch of Jinling guansaina in 133 years

In terms of formula, golden collar guancena not only contains u03b1 + u03b2 innovative protein combination to help baby absorb key nutrients, but also makes a breakthrough in adding bid compound probiotics combination and GOS + FOS prebiotic gold combination, which is 4 times higher than the national standard, so as to better absorb the primary nutrition for Chinese babies, and comprehensively enhance the babys Guardian power.

With its unique raw milk source, original formula, and the original quality of double organic certification of China and EU, jinlingguan seinamu has won many awards at home and abroad within one year: in November 2019, it won the 2019 infant formula Innovation Award in the British FM food health conference, becoming the first milk powder brand to win the award in China; In December, consumers trust organic milk powder brand in 2019 of cctv.com became the high-quality choice of Chinese Baoma; in June 2020, it stood out from more than 1000 products in the world, won the Oscars on the tip of the tongue and won the itqi international delicious Medal. Many awards confirm the quality and strength of golden collar guancena, and make mothers feel more at ease when choosing organic milk powder.

Jinlingguan seinamu has won many international awards

Build a new benchmark for organic milk powder

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true });})(); The first anniversary of the listing of original organic, 100 year persistence golden collar guansaina animal husbandry Co., Ltd. will usher in the first anniversary of listing on July 24. Focusing on the theme of original organic, 100 year persistence, Jinling guancena animal husbandry also urgently needs to build this day into a native organic Guardian day for the whole people. It calls on enterprises and consumers to protect the worlds original ranch just like Jinling guancena has protected the original pasture for 133 years State, leave baby more pure nutrition and future. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485